Wizard101 girl names

images wizard101 girl names

I remember one time i went into the commons in wizard city and people ask me for online dating, and they said sexual things to me i reported them but nothing happens. September 7th, at 9: Read my mind 7. Helped me decide 5. Wizard is great game for the whole family. If your looking for a good game for your kids or to play as a famiy get this game but be warned.

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  • Contents[show] Overview There are Male First names. There are Female First names. 4 of which are on both lists: Devin, Jordan, Ryan, Taylor. There.

    it by providing basic list needs double checking. Click here to head back to Character Names (includes first and last names). Or you know, if you're actually using your iPod to look at this Girl's Names Abigail Alexandra Alexandria Alexis Alia Alicia Allison Alura Alyssa.
    When i got ban for stacking plants i said i was sorry and oops i made a mistake. Eventually every single one of your quests will lead to areas you need to buy with in game money you get with real money.

    Cons of Wizard 1. If your looking for a good game for your kids or to play as a famiy get this game but be warned.

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    Read my mind 7. Then after i bought crowns so i could bye in game stuff.

    images wizard101 girl names
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    Personalize Common Sense for your family. The story line drives you from one goal to another in a orderly matter.

    images wizard101 girl names

    My younger sister was playing the game when someone said something close to a bad word and i was like MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Had useful details 3. You can customize your character to a great extent, but really, everyone kinda looks alike.

    Column 4 Our impact report:

    Have you ever wondered what your Wizard name is?

    Well, this quiz What is your gender? Male; Female. Which school of magic will you choose? Fire; Ice.

    Kid reviews for Wizard Common Sense Media

    I know many players have given their wizards unique names, as opposed It seems that half of the male wizards are named "Hunter" or "Wolf". I felt like creating a post to talk about weird and wacky names:. friends is a Necromancer named Angel Eyes(and yes, he's a boy, not a girl).
    Kid, 10 years old January 9, Read my mind 7. Parents say Kids say My guy's name is Eric GhostStalker, add me to your friends I am in krockotopia right now the second world Over all it's a great game.

    I have even had some to propose to me after a couple of days, and they then got mad at me cause I wouldnt tell them I loved them. When i stacked the plants i didnt know it was bad cause i watched allot of my friends do it for along time before i decided it was beng allowed.

    The Fray 6 responses add yours gnomic says:

    images wizard101 girl names
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    Pay to Play The first part of the game can be played for free, but going to different zones and other worlds can require "Crowns" a currency used to buy items in the Crown Shop, and purchase zones.

    Kid, 12 years old March 20, I entered an area. But your kids and you might be getting a little more than they bargained for. Then after i bought crowns so i could bye in game stuff.

    Had useful details 6.

    images wizard101 girl names

    This game is decent, but there are a bit down falls on the this game, first of all they go through you'r money like a speeding bullet.

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      Also, the areas get more and more expensive as you get further on. Had useful details 2.