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  • Today's dev chat took place on Twitter as the team tackled 40 questions from the community. Chief among the topics was Update 10, of which the team spilled a host of details. The update will go to the test server next week, and promises to contain new armor sets, standardized power pools, the removal of dread on the landscape, a big change to Wardens, and the second half of the instance cluster.

    Turbine also said that while Update 10 won't have a new book in the epic story, Update 11 definitely will and it'll be "super-sized".

    Update 11 is also slated to add a whole new region to the game that includes mounted and standard combat. Basically, any Update 10 info you can spare please. We are removing dread from defeat on landscape. Fate's potency is increasing. Power pools are being standardized. New armour sets are coming in, along with First Age legendary items.

    Wardens are being switched to use agility as their main stat there will be a grace period to allow you to get gear. Any news of when you are going to release the second part of the instance cluster? Can we please get an ETA for Update 10? It will be on Bullroarer next week! When are the class updates planned to happen? We are laying the groundwork now and there's lots of it. Later this year, we'll see the big changes. Will class updates also bring updates to creep classes?

    We need to see if the freep changes entirely explode in a fiery train wreck first. My Kinship doesn't show up in MyLotro, will be any fixing for us? We're aware that some kinships have this problem. We're actually looking into some major changes for this year.

    What To Do When Your Bored Website

    Will housing get a much-deserved revamp? This is also on the docket for later this year. We're testing out some ideas now and we'll see what shakes out. Can we please have some competitions for the community to design cosmetics for our characters and war-steeds? We would love to! We are working with the various parties needed to set something like this up.

    With the DG and ITA clusters both getting scaled, are you planning to regularly scale more old content in future updates? We're always looking to give old content new love and you can look forward to seeing more of this in the future.

    What about server transfers? Any news on making it easier? I spoke to customer service about this and they recognize it as a gap in our service offerings. They're currently investigating ways to make it as easy as a name change. No details, but it's being looked at.

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered? That's a tall order and a great proposal. Kins need a lot of work. That work sits behind the class work and housing. After we bang those things out, if I'm not summarily executed, I would like to get kins to where they ought to be.

    What are your plans to improve server stability and prevent lag spikes?

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    Performance tuning is an ongoing process. It's something we work on with every patch and update. It's a difficult problem with no simple solutions. Q13 Will we have our faction rep mounts appearance for use as war-steed cosmetics? A13 At this time, there is no plan to re-visit rep mounts as war-steed cosmetics. Are there any plans to update the character models and animations?

    I spoke with our art director, here's what he said: Players become very attached to the 'look and feel' of their character. That said, we are discussing the best way to make upgrades and changes.

    We'll be very interested in player feedback and suggestions as to how to go about making such dramatic changes.

    Best Home Elliptical Machines Home Workout Equipment

    But yes, it's something we're currently investigating. Any idea when the destiny point perks replacement will be implemented? This hasn't been forgotten. We're trying to get these back in a good spot rather than slapping them back in somewhere clunky. Are the beard shaving and beardless Legolas Sapience community update videos still in the works? At least the Legolas beardless one. Turns out making the shaving one was more challenging than I expected. What's the reasoning of effectively removing player interrupt skills from the game?

    More products are popping up to help older or oft-injured athletes make workouts more comfortable, safer—or simply more fun. The Wall Street Journal conducted an unscientific poll of older and injured athletes, specialty stores and fitness professionals to select a handful of popular or promising exercise products for this crowd. Athletes say the tools help alleviate the aches and pains of exercise that commonly start as early as their late 30s. The Zero Runner, a machine that made its debut this year, has extra The sleek, intelligent machine analyzes your hip height and speed, then adjusts its motion to simulate the natural gait of running, jogging or walking.

    It also features electronic stride adjustments, allowing you to press a button on the console and shift the focus of your workouts to different muscle groups.

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    The first minute of strength work noticeably ramped up my respiration. This definitely makes you incorporate strength work you probably would not do on your own.

    Los Angeles Times Leading source of news in Southern California with a nationwide paid circulation over 1, readers. If an elliptical and a pair of inline skates had a baby, it might look like the Octane Fitness LateralX, which requires you to move your legs both vertically and laterally as you step. According to Executive Editor A.

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    Hanley, "This is the best leg workout I've ever gotten using a cardio machine. The Q47 Series is an ergonomically advanced machine. Or you can change stride manually from inches at any time. The Q47e features proprietary MultiGrip handlebars that you customize to fit, plus 15 programs including five preset stride-length and five resistance programs, and workout enhancers such as a GluteKicker, X-Mode and ArmBlaster interval workouts.

    VIVMag Online magazine offering insight, advice and authentic stories to inspire and motivate women in their quest for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Octane Fitness sells all sorts of really phenomenal elliptical machines, and has come up with these really cool circuit training programs. We were immediately pleased with Octane's smooth motion and low noise level, and we were intrigued by the unique X-Mode feature which randomly changes motion commands; which keeps you guessing and keeps your legs pumping.

    The Octane Fitness model offers programs with built-in variety and is very reasonably priced. Plus all the moving parts are covered, making it perfect for anyone with young children who have a tendency to put their fingers into small spaces with moving parts. SmartMoney The Wall Street Journal's magazine of personal business cover topics of saving, investing, and spending, as well as coverage of technology and lifestyle subjects.

    Octane just made your home gym foot print smaller with your cardio and strength needs in one place. At Octane Fitness, low impact is key, particularly when it comes to cardio and strength training. The routine alternates on-machine cardio intervals with off-machine strength sets, using Powerbands and optional side platforms to enhance strength-training efforts.

    Benefits of the program include high caloric expenditure, improved muscular endurance and better overall conditioning. SGI Weekly Intelligence Online trade publication providing industry news, product information and analysis to fitness and sporting goods retailers.

    The Octane elliptical has proven to be a worthy adversary to our most elite athletes working intensely to attain their performance goals, as well as empowering to those taking their first glides down the path to attain their health goals.

    The quality design, look, feel, and durability of our Octane equipment is equally complemented by the World Class Team Octane has put together to efficiently support all of us. After every two minutes of running, hop off and work out as directed with dumbbells or resistance bands.

    The Octane Q45e elliptical trainer has exclusive features not found on other elliptical trainers. The ergonomically correct design and advanced electronics allow for a customizable workout to maximize results.

    A great home workout with measurable results. Most elliptical trainers have handlebars that move users' arms back and forth in a straight-line path. Not the new Octane Q37, which sports a pair of converging bars that mimic natural movements; minimizing stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders.

    Dating TV – black women seeking white men – Interracial Dating Black Woman White Men

    The Denver Post Leading newspaper in Denver, Colorado with a paid circulation of overreaders. The Octane Q37 elliptical trainer is a sweet machine. With the fitness industry in an apparent rut, Octane pushes the envelope with ellipticals that add a new dimension to losing weight and getting in shape.

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    When you combine quality with innovation, you end up with a hot selling product. The Q37 is like having a commercial grade elliptical for the home. The different programs add a variety of challenges that can motivate you to achieve you fitness goals.

    Solid, health-club feel and heft with unique comfort and performance. It has a smooth, long-stride The low 4-inch pedal height allows for easy step-on, a plus for older users and those with low ceilings.

    Octane's xRide is easy to use, helps build full-body strength and offers great mix-it-up workout options to keep things interesting.

    Where To Install An Infant Car Seat In A Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe Yahoo Answers

    Octane xRide provides a superb workout for all ages. The comfortable seating position calls to mind a new and improved recumbent bike, with the seat gliding up and back at a degree angle.

    Great variety; programs allow all-body, arms-only and legs-only workouts.

    Successful Marriage Factors

    I have run a number of marathons in past years and have always enjoyed running and training. However after many miles and years of training and two minor knee surgeries and avoiding running for a couple of years I was itching to get back to running.

    I found that even after short runs I would need a couple days to recover because my knees were real tender. Still itching to stay at it but maybe cross train a little better I came across the zero runner.