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  • Her partner is Hanten Shiranui. The leader of the Not Equals, Ajimu has been absent for three years after being sealed by Misogi Kumagawa. After Medaka Kurokami's success in reforming Kumagawa, the seal has weakened, whereupon Ajimu is set loose. Ajimu is the chief antagonist of the Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc.

    Contents [ show ] Personality Ajimu has a mysterious personality, speaking cryptically and explaining very little. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi does not recognize nor remember her; she claims that because her face was ripped off, she is nobody. She seems to care for Medaka, as she refers to her with a familiar tone, and tells Zenkichi not to make her cry anymore. Ajimu seems to exist in the hearts of both Zenkichi and Kumagawa. Each time Kumagawa dies, he encounters her in his heart before he can revive himself with his All Fiction.

    Most of the time Ajimu is laid-back as she is mostly seen smiling. But inside she has some dark traits similar to a regular Minus. Unlike Kumagawa however, she seems to have developed this personality due to how incredible her own abilities are, as opposed to the Minuses, who develop this mindset due to being failures at everything they try.

    In this vein, Ajimu labels herself as one of the Not Equals, as both Pluses and Minuses are the same in her eyes. Ajimu frequently breaks the fourth wall; she is aware that she is a character in a manga, knows how many volumes of the series have currently been released thirteen at the timeand even knows that an anime adaption of Medaka Box is in production.

    Ajimu is a very pretty girl, causing Zenkichi to blush the first time he saw her, [5] and even Kumagawa speculates that he fell in love with her because of her looks. In the dream world, Ajimu appears as she did in middle school: She also wears two pink wrist bands and thigh high black socks.

    Her name is written on her shoes. When Ajimu makes her appearance in the physical world, her outfit changes drastically. She wears more traditional Japanese clothing; a white top with a red lining and bottom, as well as sandals. Her hair is white, and she wears red ribbons instead of yellow. Most notably, her body is covered by six of Kumagawa's Book Maker screws: As Kumagawa's seal begins to weaken however, the screws begin to disappear. When dressed casually, Ajimu wears a roomy shirt that exposes her shoulders, a short skirt, and a wristlet on her left arm.

    Once Kumagawa's seal completely disappears, Ajimu's hair returns to its original color, and she starts wearing yellow ribbons again.

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    She changes into an old-fashioned, long-sleeved school uniform with a long ribbon about the collar. She wears a skirt matching the ribbon, as well as thigh high socks.

    When in the academy Tea Room, Ajimu wears a flower-patterned kimono. When she travels to the Shiranui VillageAjimu wears the proper girl's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, though she keeps the ribbon from her previous outfit in place of the tie.

    Five thousand years ago, Ajimu wore a knee-length toga that bared her right shoulder, along with a belt. She also wore wristlets, a necklace, and different ribbons in her hair. History Ajimu after Kumagawa's attack. Five thousand years ago, Iihiko Shishime became the first man Ajimu could not win against. In trying to attain a certain goal, Ajimu fought and lost against Iihiko at least one hundred million times, despite using all her skills and being aided by other Not Equals she had created.

    Eventually, Ajimu achieved her goal by simply avoiding him. However, Kumagawa viciously attacked Ajimu, [9] ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her. Worried that he loved her only for her good looks, Kumgawa ripped off her face. During Kumagawa's time at Suisou AcademyAjimu meets him in the dream classroom after he is killed by Fude Ezumachi. Ajimu mocks Kumagawa, asking how he died, and when he will find a skill holder that can defeat her.

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    Ajimu cheers him on, but is upset as Kumagawa ignores her. She asks him if Ezumachi does indeed have the power to defeat her, agreeing that his skill is impressive in that it defeated All Fiction. After Kumagawa's apology, Ajimu tells Kumagawa not to give up, since defeating her and her 12 quadrillion skills might be easier than he thinks. After sacrificing himself to kill Kumagawa during the General Affairs Manager's Battle, Zenkichi wakes up in a classroom he is familiar with, but does not recognize, not of Hakoniwa Academy, and wearing his middle school uniform.

    While he wonders whether he is in hell, a voice calls out from behind him, telling him there is no life after death. He turns around to find a girl sitting behind him, whose shoes are labeled with "Ajimu".

    Zenkichi wonders if she is the great king Yama, but she once again reminds him that he is not in hell. She then tells he didn't kill Kumagawa either, though he shouldn't be surprised. She tells Zenkichi he is lucky that he didn't become a murderer. When Zenkichi laments that he himself died, Ajimu corrects him; his heart stopped due to the shock from his injuries, so she took his consciousness away. Kazuki Takahashithe author of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! The series is produced in association with Brain Navi.

    It began serialization on December 17,and ended on March 19, Contents [ show ] Plot Jaden Yuki starts off as an ordinary student at Duel Academy who defeated Crowler in his entrance exam.

    He's best friends with Syrus Truesdale. Ryugawho was attempting to become a teacher at Duel Academy challenges Jaden to a duel. If he won the duel he'd be accepted as a teacher and he would expel Jaden for no good reason. Jaden wins despite his opponent cheating. Later he faces the undefeated Obelisk Blue student Chazz Princeton in a duel. Chazz was currently going though troubled times due to the fact people thought he only got into Obelisk Blue because of his money.

    He was so upset that he buried his best card; " Light and Darkness Dragon ", which was also his spirit partner. Jaden beats Chazz, sending him into more depression after Jaden says that his Winged Kuriboh was a spirit monster.

    Chazz realized his mistake and dug up his " Light and Darkness Dragon " and vowed to defeat Jaden alongside it. Bastion appears to have a crush on Alexis. When he discovered that Jaden has Alexis' number he felt a little hurt inside. Later he challenged Jaden to a duel, and if Jaden won then he would get to borrow ultra-rare Duelist Kingdom DVDs and if Bastion won he would get Alexis' phone number while Jaden and Syrus laugh at the thought of Bastion's crush on Alexis.

    Later Jaden and Bastion become friends. The Miss Duel Academy beauty pageant starts and Alexis is forced into entering unwillingly. She ends up drawing with the previous winner, Seika Kohinata. Jaden was the only person in the school who didn't vote, but Jaden didn't care about the competition. So Alexis senses the opportunity to duel Jaden.

    So, she challenges him. If Jaden wins, his vote goes to Seika, but if Alexis wins, it goes to her. Alexis loses, but Seika quits.

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    Crowler accuses Syrus of scoring the lowest score in an exam and threatens to expel him if he does not successfully defeat another student in a Duel. He is pitted against Jaden, and although Syrus loses, class teacher Midori Hibiki says that Syrus actually scored the highest and that there was no reason to expel him. Later, while Syrus and Jaden help Ms. Jaden simply replies, "He just gave it to me. Jaden was in hospital for injuring his legs in a baseball game and was having trouble using his crutches.

    Jaden then vows to watch his next Duel in the Pro Leagues, but on the day, Jaden oversleeps while Koyo unexpectedly falls unconscious. Back in the hospital, Koyo assures Jaden it wasn't his fault that he collapsed, and tells him to assemble his strongest Deck and Duel him. Jaden does, and a battle of Elemental Heros begins, with Jaden fighting on even ground, but falls before Koyo's Terra Firma. Exhausted, he falls asleep in his hospital bed and never wakes up.

    All that can give a clue is a strange black shadow in his brain that was found during a scan Chancellor Sheppard announces to all of Duel Academy that Zane Truesdale has returned to the academy, and that to celebrate, a tournament would be held, with the winner being granted the honor of Dueling Zane, and whoever defeats him is exempt from the next exam.

    Unbeknowest to the others, Reggie and David are actually at Duel Academy to obtain a Spirit Card in order to clear away the obstacles in the way of an evil spirit known as Tragoedia. During the tournament, David and Reggie ask around if anyone has heard of a card with a Spirit, but don't have much luck, until David spots the Spirit of " Light and Darkness Dragon " during one of Chazz's Duels.

    As the tournament progresses, Seika, Alexis, Syrus and Reggie are all knocked out, and the remaining finalists are paired up, Bastion vs Jaden, David vs Chazz.

    As Chazz and Jaden perform their final Duel, Midori Hibiki, after witnessing David's Shadow Game, confronts Reggie about what happened to her brother, suspecting that it was those shadows that made her brother unconscious, and tries to get her to talk through a Duel. Chazz then defeats Jaden and goes on to duel Zane, whilst Jaden follows Winged Kuriboh finding Midori and Reggie locked in their shadow duel.

    Reggie defeats Midori and then challenges Jaden. He successfully defeats Reggie, who is freed from Tragoedia's control and reviving Midori. Resolving to grow as a duelist and use a Deck of his own design, Jaden attempts to give Koyo's Deck back to Midori.

    She declines, but Jaden still creates a new Deck, though he continues to use "Winged Kuriboh".

    MacKenzie is the main host for Tragoedia, and he uses his students to continue his quest to gain the spirit cards. Jim confronts Atticus and wants to have a duel with him. Jim reveals that he wanted to defeat David Rabb but Atticus defeated him first before he ever could.

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    Even though Jim fights using his Alligator deck and his Legendary Planet, The Tyrant Neptunehe still loses the duel but Tragoedia takes over his body and finds Atticus the perfect person to use as his new servant.

    The next day a tag duel between the American students and Japanese students is being held with the opponents being picked randomly. The first match is Jesse Anderson and Adrian Gecko vs. Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa. Despite the difficulty with working each other at first, Bastion and Alexis pulled through and won the duel.

    Chazz Princeton and Syrus Truesdale. During the match, Jim tried to make the duel into a Shadow Game but was stopped by Tragoedia who told him that not all their pieces were in place yet. Reluctantly Jim continued the duel normally and eventually lost the duel. The third and final match is Jaden Yuki vs.

    Jaden faces him on a one on one match due to the fact he lost the tag duel selection.

    BootlegS are EVIL and should NEVER be purchased

    Although he tried his hardest, Jaden lost to Aster and while he became upset over this, he got over it and vows not to lose the next time. During the night, Atticus finds Aster in a duel arena and Aster challenges him to a duel to avenge his previous losses to him and Zane in the pro leagues. Atticus accepts and both begin a duel with Adrian and Tragoedia watching.

    Near the end of the duel, Atticus was about to activate a trap card to save himself from losing but Tragoedia interfered and stopped Atticus's body from moving, preventing him from activating the card. After the duel has ended, Tragoedia appears to Atticus and possesses him and noticing Adrian there, does the same to him. Following this, the second stage of the exchange battles begins.

    Each duelist will pick a random card from a deck. The card the duelist chooses will decide which area they will duel in. Jaden picks the mountain card, Alexis picks the harbor card, Syrus picks the ocean card, Baston picks the forest card and Chazz picks the cliff card.

    While this is going on, Aster meets Mr. Mackenzie who gives the last Legendary Planet card while telling him his father would be happy if he uses it. After Aster leaves, Tragoedia notes that with all the planet cards are on the island, his resurrection is about to begin Meanwhile Jaden is already at the mountains waiting for his opponent to arrive which turns out to be Adrian Gecko. Jaden accuses Adrian of trying to steal his spirit cards but Adrian denies it claming he doesn't know what Jaden is talking about.

    After the duel has ended, Adrian leaves only to meet Tragoedia who takes away "The Despair Uranus" from Adrian and gives a penalty game to him. At the ocean area, Syrus is currently dueling against Jesse Anderson. In the forest area, Bastion is dueling Jim Crocodile Cook. However unbeknownst to Bastion, Jim makes the duel into a shadow game and using his Legendary Planet, defeats Bastion causing him to recieve a penalty game. While wandering through the mountains, Jaden find's Adrian's unconscious body and is about to take him to the nurse but Atticus appears before him and challenges him to a shadow game for Jaden's spirit cards.

    Tragoedia appears from a neckleace that Atticus wears on his neck and asks Jaden if he'll fight him or run away and leave the spirit cards behind.