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    History[ edit ] The name "Wascana" is derived from the Cree word Oscana meaning "pile of bones" in reference to the plains bison bones scattered around Wascana Creek before the area was populated by non-indigenous people. The Lake was soon turned to recreational use and Reginans took to the lake for sailing and canoeing. Its size was slightly reduced in when a new dam and bridge were constructed in their present location. The lake continued for a time to be used as a domestic water supply and for stock watering; it also supplied the new legislative building.

    Heated water returned to the lake, causing that sector to remain ice-free through the winter, and several species of migratory birds made it their year-round habitat. The eastern sector of the lake is now a waterfowl sanctuary. Wascana Lake was drained and deepened in the s as part of a government relief project.

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    Minoru Yamasaki was commissioned in to prepare a year master plan for the whole of a Wascana Centre including the new university complex. The Big Digas it was known locally, was primarily to decrease aquatic weed growth, improve water quality, and allow more competitive and recreational canoeing and paddling during the summer months.

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    The Big Dig also included the addition of a new island and general re-landscaping around the lake. The dredging was completed in mid-Marchin time for the spring runoff. The lake includes several small islands: Said to be the longest bridge over the shortest span of water, the bridge decorated in terracotta balusters and buffalo heads is a memorial to soldiers of the First World War.

    Unveiled by the Queen in during Saskatchewan's centennial, it is a bronze statue sculpted by artist Susan Velder.

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    The "Bitter Memories of Childhood" is a memorial to the millions of Ukrainians and Cossacks who died during a man-made famine in Initiated by the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum init was designed to commemorate the settlement of African ancestry people in Regina and Saskatchewan.

    A towering figure topped by stars inside a rim, it is a symbol of life, legacy and diversity remembering our past in both good and bad times. This is one of 12 donated to Canadian centres.

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    After 45 years of Saskatchewan weather, it was removed and restored by master carver Lloyd Wadhams Jr. Lakeshore Park Totem Pole Links Between Capitals[ edit ] On the north shore of the lake, slightly east of directly overlooking the legislature, is "Links between Capitals".

    This is a small seating area, one in each provincial capital, dedicated to the relationship between Canada's federal and provincial capitals.

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    Funded by Wascana Centre and the National Capital Commissiontwo benches, two lights and a waste container match park furnishings on Confederation Boulevard in Ottawa. Officially named in in Her Majesty's honour, the gardens were dedicated by herself on the 18th of May of that year. The first stage of the memorial was dedicated by Lieutenant Governor Jack Wiebe in Novemberbearing the names of approximately Saskatchewan people who lost their lives in World War I.

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    The second stage, dedicated in October by Lieutenant Governor Lynda Haverstocklists names of those who lost their lives in service. A plaque honours the memory of Saskatchewan War Brides who married Canadian service men; a monument to remember the nurses who served during these times stand nearby.

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    One of the sisters represents a teacher, the other a nurse. The monument commemorates the courage and commitment of religious women across Saskatchewan who established needed health and education services in their local communities, laying the foundation for these modern day services in the province.

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