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  • No prizes for guessing what comes of this. Details vary, but those are the major Narrative Beats. For example, in Romeo and Juliet: Boy loses girl due to infighting between their crazy families that ends up with two people dead and boy being banished. Boy finds girl again in her tomb, so he kills himself, but it turns out she was Not Quite Dead and In fact, there are so many examples of this trope the massive quantities of romantic comedies, for instance that this page is merely going to list interesting variations, subversions, and inversions.

    Meet Cute is a subtrope of this. Not related to X Meets Y. See also Boy Meets Ghoul. Well, Riku and Diva's entire relationship, really: This also works on a slightly more conventional level with Saya and Haji. Girl goes crazy, cuts boy's arm off, and disappears. Boy finds girl and makes her drink his blood.

    Okay, maybe not so conventional. Haruhi Suzumiya can be boiled down to: Girl turns out to be a Reality Warper.

    Boy Meets World Corey's little sister (Morgan) died at a young age IGN Boards

    It's even lampshaded in the anime. In the first chronological episode as Kyon says "and so we met" in his narration the scene zooms in on the male sign in the boys' bathroom, followed by zooming in on the female sign of the girls' bathroom.

    Like most romance tropes, it gets played with as its: Haruhi not remembering it probably has something to do with this A rather gruesome variation occurs in Tsukihime: Boy goes nuts and carves girl into seventeen pieces she gets better.

    Boy accuses girl of being his sister. Boy saves girl from an evil cult. Well actually it's titled Boi mitsu gahru but you know. Legend of the Overfiend: Boy masturbates whenever he sees girl. Girl gets raped by monsters. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy turns into demon king and destroys the universe. School Rumble 's Harima is one lucky boy. Boy meets Girl 1 Tenma but she thinks he was taking advantage of her.

    25 Things You Might Not Know About 'Boy Meets World' Mental Floss

    Boy meets Girl 2 Eri by confessing his love for Girl 1. Boy meets Girl 3 Tae and lets him stay overnight. Boy meets Girl 4 Yakumo because he needed her help. In Full Metal Panic! Military Nut Socio pathic boy meets girl. Boy is pulled away from girl and thinks she died.

    Boy goes on a Nietzsche Wannabe self-destruct mode and realizes he likes girl. Boy reunites with girl and proceeds to kick ass. And between all of them, most forms of this trope get played out. Boy meets girl, boy joins mercenary organisation, boy and girl pilot giant transforming robot together.

    Boy meets girl; boy loses girl for a long time; boy may or may not ever find girl again. This is how Guts and Casca's relationship grew in Berserk.

    Boy meets girl on opposite sides of a battle and joins her mercenary group. Boy and girl fight together and fall in love. Boy and girl are torn apart by a horrible demonic sacrifice that ends in girl being driven mad and everyone else getting eaten alive.

    Boy leaves girl to pursue vengeance against the leader of the mercenary group responsible for said demonic sacrifice. Boy finds girl again at the Tower of Conviction after realizing he had made a mistake in leaving her alone and going through hell and high water to save her. Now he just has to find a cure for her insanity so they can, you know, actually be together. According to bonus material at the end of the first volume, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid was originally going to be like this, though the finished product bears very little resemblance to this concept.

    So, I Can't Play H! A pervy highschool student finds a beautiful redhead in the rain, except she's a death goddess who tells him he only has three months left to live. So they form a contract to find a the one who can extend his lifespan and save both their worlds. After copious amounts of sexual tension and his inevitable death, they officially become an item.

    Comic Books The basic premise of: This is Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown 's romantic arc. The two meet and fall in love, then her death is faked and she lives in Africa while recovering from severe injuries and she eventually returns to Gotham at which time the two of them realize they're still in love and eventually reignite their relationship.

    They got better, but died again anyway. In Sleepless in Seattlethe protagonists are perfect for each other - but they've never met. The entire movie is about them not finding each other. They don't meet until the very end, when boy finally meets girl, after the girl believes she has lost him. Like it says in the opening credits: It's a story of boy-meets-girl. It is not a love story.

    As he explains to the doubtful duke, "Just a boy meeting a girl under the right conditions. So, we'll arrange the conditions! He meets his neighbour Beth, a teacher and aspiring children's author, over laundry and the two form an awkward friendship which eventually becomes an awkward romance.

    It doesn't work out, sadly. This is literally the plot for the movie adaption of Everything, Everythingin which the two leads grow their bond in, despite Maddy being the one restricted to her home due to an illness. Boy falls in love with girl and prays to Aphrodite to make him a statue so he can be with her forever.

    Aphrodite brings her to life instead, and they live Happily Ever After.

    Minkus From 'Boy Meets World' Appeared On 'The Walking Dead'

    Literature The Recognition of Shakuntala, an episode from the Ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata that was later Expanded into a theatrical drama by the Indian playwright Kalidasa around the 1st century BCE, is probably the Ur-Example of this trope, though it's actually more of a Subversionsince it's a Girl Meets Boy story. It revolves around a woman named Shakuntala who meets Dushyanta and they get married, only for him to get cursed with Amnesia and completely forget her.

    The only way to lift the curse is to show him the ring that he gave her, but she loses the ring in a river. She eventually finds the ring by the end of the story, makes him remember, and then they live Happily Ever After. Girl meets boy for the first time when she's a small child and he's middle-aged.

    Boy meets girl for the first time when they're both in their twenties. The American novel, wherein boy meets girl and then loses girl; the French novel wherein boy meets girl, gets girl, and then boy and girl decide that they don't want each other after all; and the Russian novel wherein boy meets girl, never gets girl, and broods about it for pages.

    The Foreword to Neil T. Stacey's Trespassers will be Prostituted describes the book as "a simple story following the age-old pattern of Boy meets Girl, Girl praises Satan, Boy drowns in Filth". There is no romantic plot-line in the book. Krapivin's story Boy seeked girl: Girl must return to her home on another continent. Boy moves his continent closer to the girl's to find her again.

    Gender-flipped in Memoirs of a Geisha. Sayuri meets the Chairman when she is just twelve years old, falling in love with him when he shows kindness to her.

    After that, she trains hard to become a geisha so she can meet him again. And she does eventually. Boy meets girl, boy protects girl from army with only a shotgun and his three best friends to back him upboy helps girl murder her rapist, boy proposes to girl using a bilingual dictionary. In The Kingdom and the Crownboy saves girl from getting raped, girl warns boy of Roman ambush, girl is sent to Rome and boy follows to sneak her out and bring her home.

    Blob meets blob, blob goes off with blob and droid loses blob, chameleon and droid. How many times have we seen that story? Davies series Bob and Rose: Boy is gay and girl has a boyfriend, but they fall in love anyway. Everyone else thinks they're crazy.

    Every single time there is a TV series with nerds and guns, the following happens: Boy meets girl on team spies, alien hunters, whatever. About the last episode of the series, they finally get round to doing something about it.

    By the end of the episode, one or both of them is or are bleeding to death on the floor. Boy brings girl back from the dead. If boy touches girl ever again, she immediately dies.

    They try to work around this. Hilariously lampshaded by Wilson in an episode of House: It's the story of life. Boy and girl live stupidly ever after. Stefan meets Elena, Elena meets Stefan, they fall in love and the rest is history. The Bayesian analysis generalizes easily to the case in which we relax the If we have no information about the populations then we assume a "flat prior", i. Martingale analysis[ edit ] Suppose you had wagered that Mr Smith had two boys, and received fair odds.

    We think of your wager as investment that will increase in value as good news arrives. What evidence would make you happier about your investment? Learning that at least one child out of two is a boy, or learning that at least one child out of one is a boy? The latter is a priori less likely, and therefore better news. That is why the two answers cannot be the same.

    Boy Meets Girl TV Tropes

    Now for the numbers. If we bet on one child and win, the value of your investment has doubled. On the other hand if we learn that at least one of two children is a boy, our investment increases as if we had wagered on this question. So the answer is 1 in 3.

    Variants of the question[ edit ] Following the popularization of the paradox by Gardner it has been presented and discussed in various forms. Smith is the father of two. We meet him walking along the street with a young boy whom he proudly introduces as his son. What is the probability that Mr. Smith's other child is also a boy? However, someone may argue that "…before Mr. Smith identifies the boy as his son, we know only that he is either the father of two boys, BB, or of two girls, GG, or of one of each in either birth order, i.

    Discovering that he has at least one boy rules out the event GG.