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  • Girl Scout Flag and Friendship Pins

    It aired on May 13, to 2. Contents [ show ] Overview Lucas' old friend from Texas transfers to John Quincy Adams Middle School, and Cory uses an unusual method to teach the kids about the meaning of life.

    Plot Just as Cory's class begins, a new student walks in to the classroom who turns out to be one of Lucas' old classmates from Texas. The new student, Isaiah "Zay" Babineauxis surprised to see that Lucas is doing well at JQAMS, but Lucas is more perplexed than pleased to see Zay and insists they wait until after class to catch up with one another.

    As Cory is about to start teaching again, Yogi contemplatingly asks aloud what the secret of life is. Zay was under the impression that everyone there knew about Lucas' past, and then after blurting out that Lucas is a year older than the others, Zay presses Lucas to tell him what the others know, because he doesn't want to say anything he shouldn't.

    Friendship Pins in the s Like Totally 80s

    Riley and Maya begin to realize that Lucas was somebody quite different back in Texas, which is confirmed by Zay. During lunch, Riley and Maya who calls Lucas by name for the first time beg Lucas to deny Zay's claims, but he cannot.

    Riley reveals that she's not so much troubled about what Lucas may have done in Texas as she is about the fact that he didn't tell her. Lucas says that he just wanted a fresh start, and that he is not proud of what he did in Austin. Later at home, Riley angrily confronts Cory about the fact that he knew about Lucas' expulsion and didn't tell her; Topanga assures Riley that Cory knows what she needs to learn from it, but when Riley asks him what it is, he says nothing.

    The next day, Cory gives the class a math problem to solve: How long does it take Al and Fred to wash the same car together?

    However, things quickly get out of hand when a big fight erupts on who should become president. Plot Cory decides that this year, instead of making the students run for class president, they should get to run for any kind of government they want.

    Farkle immediately chooses to run for class dictator, because he wants to be able to do whatever he wants.

    Riley sees an opportunity to have her princess-dream come true, and Lucas keeps it simple and runs for class president. At home, Topanga is having problems getting Auggie to sleep.

    While she and Cory argue over who should spend the rest of the night getting him to bed, he falls asleep on the both of them on the couch. When Topanga gets up to go to bed, Auggie wakes up too.

    Girl Meets World S01E14 Girl Meets Friendship Full Episode Dailymotion Video

    Cory decides to let him stay up and watch the game, which causes him to be exhausted the next day. At school, the campaign turns dirty when Farkle attacks Riley for having a horse unicorn in her bedroom.

    Sensing a war coming on, Lucas tells Riley and Maya not to attack Farkle, and they promise.

    Instead, Maya decides they should go after Lucas.