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  • In its initial conception, the Brooklyn Bridge had an honorable goal: Providing safe passage across the rough and frigid East River for Brooklyn residents who worked in Manhattan.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    In the s, Prussian-born engineer John Augustus Roebling dreamed of a suspension bridge that would make the commute easier for these working class New Yorkers. The engineer developed tetanus as a result of these wounds and passed away in July The younger Roebling soon developed a problem of his own.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    InRoebling came down with this decompression sickness and was confined to bed. After Washington Roebling fell ill, a third Roebling stepped in as the de facto chief engineer of the bridge, his wife, Emily Warren Roebling. Although Emily began her tenure running orders between her husband, who was laid up in a Brooklyn Heights apartment with a view of construction, and his workers, she soon took bona fide command of the project, overseeing the design, construction, and business management of the tremendous undertaking.

    10 Landmark Moments in Animation History Mental Floss

    Emily Warren Roebling is now widely recognized as a pioneering female engineer and a driving force behind the bridge. Following her work on the bridge, Emily went on to earn a degree in law from New York University and published essays in favor of gender equality.

    Technically, the rooster was tied for first. John Augustus Roebling himself is credited with introducing the steel-wire innovation into bridge design.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    Construction materials were accumulated under the watch of John Augustus Roebling, who failed to notice that he had been swindled on his cable wire. Lloyd Haigh snuck a substantial amount of inferior, even faulty, wire into the mix. The flaw went unrecognized until after the wires were incorporated into the standing bridge, at which point replacing them was impossible.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    Early years[ edit ] Smart was born to a prominent family in OttawaOntario ; her father, Russel Smartwas a lawyer, and the family had a summer house on Kingsmere Lake located next door to the future Prime Minister of CanadaWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King. She later attended Hatfield Hall in Cobourg, Ontario for secondary school.

    As a result, Smart socialized with many members of Ottawa's political class who were or would become important figures in Canadian history, including acquaintances such as Graham SpryCharles RitchieLester B. Pearsonand William Lyon Mackenzie King.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    Alfred Watthead of the Associated Country Women of the Worldan international organization for rural women, travelling extensively throughout the world accompanying Watt to various conferences. It was during this time that Smart happened across a book of poetry by George Barkerimmediately falling in love not only with the poetry, but with the man himself.

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    Watt, Smart returned to Ottawa where she spent six months writing society notes for the women's page of The Ottawa Journal. Soon Smart began a correspondence with the poet. Relationship with George Barker[ edit ] Eager to launch her writing career, Smart quit the Journal and left Ottawa for good. While there, Smart made contact with Barker through Lawrence Durrell[6] paying to fly Barker and his wife to the United States from Japan where he was teaching.

    Inafter becoming pregnant, Smart returned to Canada, settling in Pender HarbourBritish Columbia to have the child she would name Georgina. Barker attempted to visit her in Canada, but Smart's family exerted influence on government officials, and consequently he was turned back at the border, cited with "moral turpitude.

    Penfield Productions, Ltd.

    Smart soon returned to the United States and began work as a file clerk for the British embassy in Washington. There she gave birth to their second child, Christopher Barker, and obtained employment at the British Ministry of Defence to support her children.

    It is a fictional work, largely based on Smart's affair with Barker up until that point. Again availing influence with government officials, she led a successful campaign to have its publication banned in Canada.

    Of those copies that made their way into the country from overseas, Louise Smart bought up as many as she could find and had them burned.

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    She became pregnant again, and was fired from the Ministry of Information. Their affair produced two more children Sebastianbornand Rose Emma, born Through it all Barker, who was Catholic, said he would leave his wife for Smart, but this never happened he was to have fifteen children by several different women.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog

    They lived a bohemian lifestyle and associated with many of the 'Soho' artists. Christopher Barker writing in the Guardian about this period: They came for editorial discussions about their poetry magazine, X. Barker was a heavy drinker and Smart took up the habit, which intensified when the two were together.

    The couple were involved in numerous fights; during one argument, Smart bit off part of Barker's upper lip. Nonetheless, as evidenced from writings in her journals, Smart's love for Barker continued for the remainder of her life.

    Honoring Nancy Zieman Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC Blog