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  • He 'saved my life and lost his: It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U. Details began to emerge Monday about some of those slain and the hundreds more who were injured.

    Jordyn Rivera California Jordyn Rivera was in her fourth year as a student at California State University, San Bernardino, where she made an impression on everyone from students to the president. University President Tomas Morales said he got to know Rivera last summer in London during a study abroad program. Fellow members of an honor society are now raising money through a gofundme page to pay her funeral expenses.

    Austin Davis California Austin Davis, 29, and his parents had a bond "unlike anything I've ever witnessed," Davis's friend Katelyn Hood wrote in an online fundraising post. He was their only son.

    As soon as news came that he may have been shot, they headed straight from their home in Riverside, California, to Las Vegas. They waited for 20 hours before learning that he had been killed, Hood wrote. Davis also leaves behind his girlfriend of nine years, whom he met in high school. He was at the concert with his family friend, Thomas Day Jr. Lisa Patterson California A few hours before the shooting, Lisa Patterson called her husband to tell him what a great time she was having with her girlfriends — one of the rare weekends she was not coaching one of her kids' softball teams or volunteering at a school or church event.

    Her husband, Bob Patterson, told his wife, a country music lover, to enjoy herself and stay for the last band, assuring her he could get their kids off to school the next morning.

    It was the last time Bob Patterson spoke to his wife. After news broke of the shooting spree, he spent the night calling hospitals trying to find her. Monday, he and his year-old son, Robert, jumped in the car and drove three hours from their Los Angeles suburb to Las Vegas to find her.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    His year-old daughter, Amber, drove over from Arizona. They spent 10 hours searching. Late Monday, Bob Patterson was approached by an official at the Las Vegas convention center, where the coroner's office set up operations to have more space where families could come to identify those who died.

    He was passionate about cars, loved sports, basketball in particular, with his favorite team being the Boston Celtics. Austin was attending the festival with his girlfriend, Dana, as a surprise celebrating his 24th birthday and upcoming anniversary.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    Nicol Kimura California AP -- Nicol Kimura, 38, went to the festival with a group of seven men and women who call themselves "framily" — friends who are like family. She was fatally shot seconds after the gunfire began, said Ryan Miller, a businessman and pastor who is part of the group. A Southern California native who lived in Placentia, Kimura's survivors include her parents, a sister and the friends who were with her when she died.

    She was single and didn't have children, but she was treated like family by the kids of group members, Miller said.

    No one else in the group was shot. Von Tillow, 55, was at Sunday's concert with his wife, daughter and son-in law, sister and niece, the station reported.

    A Simple Affair Las Vegas, NV

    The sister and niece were injured and expected to survive, while the other three relatives were unharmed. Von Tillow likely was smiling and enjoying the music with his family, sipping on a Coors Light and decked out in red, white and blue, Carson said.

    A memorial including flowers and American flags has been set up outside Von Tillow's home in Cameron Park, California.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    Rocio Guillen California Californian Rocio Guillen was a mother of four — two older boys, and two babies ages 18 months and two months. Guillen, 40, was fatally shot in the hail of bullets at the Route 91 music festival, according to a statement on a website raising donations for her family.

    Guillen worked as an assistant general manager at a pizza restaurant, and went to Katella High school in Anaheim. Erick Silva Erick Silva, 21, was working as a private security guard at the music festival when he was killed while trying to help people get out of the venue safely.

    His close friend, Martin Adrian Marin Jr.

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    While others around him ducked for safety, Fraser looked around to try to spot where the shots were coming from, so that he could shield his wife. He died doing just that, his son, Nick Arellano, said. Fraser's friend ushered their wives and friends to safety before rushing back to perform CPR on Fraser.

    A doctor and several nurses in the crowd came to help, eventually loading Fraser into a wheelbarrow and taking him to paramedics. Arellano recounted the story as told to him by his wife, his mother, and family friends. Arellano had been at the concert with them for the prior two days, but chose to head home early, just missing the harrowing scene. Arellano described Fraser, 39, as "the definition of American," a man who boated, hunted, fished and snowboarded.

    Fraser married his wife, Stephanie, 11 years ago, adopting Arellano and one of her other children. The facility also offers a customized outdoor shooting experience for large groups as well as one-on-one training in the Las Vegas desert. The facility itself is designed to feel very hip and urban with dim lights, comfortable lounge-like seating and welcoming staff members. The VIP lounge is sophisticated and trendy with two private lanes, a television and a very laid-back, private ambiance.

    Meetups near Las Vegas, Nevada Meetup

    The souvenir shop offers a huge range of merchandise. However, outdoor shooting packages are also available for firing exciting firearms like the deuce, Desert Eagle and the Barrett Sniper Rifle at unique targets and even blowing up cars. The Gun Store offers a number of good packages to choose from like WWII package, Zombie package, 12 gun package, coalition package and a VIP package that includes personal training, 11 firearms and unlimited beverages.

    The Gun Store offers customized packages for bachelor parties, bachelorettes, CCW classes and even shotgun wedding packages. There are expert instructors available on hand to help and no permits or shooting experience is necessary to try your hand at the firing range. This exciting Las Vegas shooting range tour will collect you from your hotel and drive you to the shooting range which is a five acre area filled with tanks, helicopters and other military vehicles.

    Spend time exploring these amazing vehicles, then meet your expert shooting instructor and for a safety and orientation lesson. Choose your shooting package and have a lesson on how to handle the weapons. The indoor range is modern and cutting-edge with all the facilities you need including VIP rooms in which to relax when you are done.

    Take your target home as a souvenir!

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    This tour will have you shooting a 9mm handgun with 80 rounds of ammo, enough to get really good! Your instructor will give you an expert lesson and show you how to load, aim and shoot. Safety is foremost and the range has state-of-the-art facilities. All equipment is included. When you start hitting the target make sure someone is shooting a video for you to take home!

    Hotel pick up and drop off is part of the package. The Three Gun Package allows you to select any three weapons that take your fancy. All equipment, protective gear and ammunition is provided.

    When you arrive your hostess will discuss the gun options with you.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    A trained gun expert will then give you a safety lesson and a shooting lesson. Shoot at your target and make sure you get a video and some photos. Hotel pick up and drop off is included as part of the package. This fabulous Las Vegas shooting range offers just that. All safety equipment, gear and ammunition is included.

    Your experienced instructor will be by your side at all times and will teach you the skills needed for the different weapons. You will have 25 rounds for each weapon, more than enough to become an expert! Seal Team 6 Shooting Package Book This Tour If you still have not had enough of shooting, join this Las Vegas shooting range tour and experience the thrill of being part of a combat operation.

    The range represents the real deal and your instructor is a qualified weapon and tactical expert. Feel the power of machine guns in this Las Vegas gun range, dual-mode shotguns and pump-action weapons. It is climate controlled, allowing you a comfortable outdoor experience without freezing or melting in the changing weather. On arrival, you will be introduced to your private instructor who will give you a one-on-one lesson and safety briefing. After getting eye and ear protective gear, you can choose from a range of 50 guns, each one having a story linking it to a famous person, movie, video game or TV show.

    There are snipers, full-automatics, western guns, big guns and more. Get ready, aim at exploding targets, pull the trigger and try to hit them.

    You will also be taught how to deal with the recoil from the weapon. Shooting is at your own pace with your safety expert close by at all times.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    Your attempts will be filmed and when you are a cool-shot you can share your photos or video on social media while you are still at the range. Complimentary coffee in the winter and cold bottled water is provided in the summer.

    A complimentary limousine transport is part of the package. Depending on the package you choose, you can select to shoot from 3 to 18 different guns in one session.

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    Don't be intimidated when it comes to guns. This awesome Las Vegas shooting range offers a ladies-only shooting experience to get you up to speed with your aim, handling of weapons and confidence levels. Take the girls and set off for a day of adrenaline pumping fun. Hotel pickup and drop-off can be arranged. When you arrive, you will be introduced to your personal one-on-one safety instructor will give you the low-down and be at your side throughout the course.

    The indoor range offers impeccable safety measures and controls. You will learn how to shoot a Glock 17, an MP5 and the famous Pink M4, perfect ladies guns with a lethal feel!

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    Follow your guide on how to stand, aim and pull the trigger, learn about the kick of the weapon and how to deal with it. This experience lasts for just over an hour and you must be 18 years or older.

    Las Vegas Sewer Homes Homeless Live In Tunnels Beneath Sin City Daily Mail Online

    Not recommended for pregnant ladies. This awe-inspiring experience at a state-of-the-art Las Vegas shooting range will soon have you handling guns like a professional. You will be collected at your hotel and taken to meet your personal instructor.

    Ear and eye protection is included and you will be given a detailed lesson on safety, stance and aiming techniques. You can choose between a 3 or 4 gun selection.