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  • We share information about our programs, workshops, shows, and events to promote the popular and enduring art of quilt making. Visit our website for more information. The guild service project is making quilts for area Hospice patients. A program is planned for each month's meeting along with "Sew and Tell" and showing of "Hospice Quilts". We meet now and then near Abilene, KS. We show and tell about our latest projects.

    Usually about 15 are involved. Pauline Poage dppoage ruraltel. We meet at 1: Visit our website for Quilt Show information. Belleville Heart of the Prairie Quilt Guild.

    Meets first Thursday of the month, September through May. Meetings are at 7: We make an opportunity quilt every two years. On alternate years, we make miniature quilts and have a miniature quilt auction with five other guilds. Chanute Sew n' Sew Quilt Guild. We have about 30 members. We meet at 7: We have BOM, classes once a month, opportunity quilt, Quilt Show every other year in September, charity quilts for the hospital.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    Traditional, modern, or in between, our guild is for those interested in all aspects of quilts and quilting. Visit our website or contact Pres. Some of our activities include: BOM, workshops, beehives, quilt camps and much, much more.

    What the Amish Do For Fun

    For more information, please visit our website. Concordia Stain Glass Stichers meets the 3rd Thursday of the month with scoial time at 6: Meetings are at the Concordia Luthern Church fellowship hall. We have monthly programs for education or entertainment to encourage and inspire members.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    We make and donate a quilt for the first baby of the year at Cloud County Health Center and do a quilt show each year. Email address is WVQG gmail. We have our business meeting the second Thursday at 6: We have a block of the month each month, secret sisters, classes and retreats.

    Kansas Quilt Guilds KS Quilting Guilds listed in alphabetical order by city

    We do a show the first weekend of Oct. Please join us, we'd love to have you. Emporia Emporia Regional Quilt Guild. We meet at 6: We have trunk shows, lectures, and workshops by local and regional quilters. Our guild also has ongoing groups that work on community projects and projects that focus on a special quilting interest.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    We hold our quilt show every other year with July being our next show. We make an Opportunity Quilt for each quilt show and have many fun activities and swaps for members to be involved in and learn from.

    Speakers, opportunity quilt, charity projects and a show every other year. The next show is July 13th and 14th, at the Eudora Methodist Church. Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild. We meet the 4th Thursday of the month at 9: Some of our yearly projects include Block of the Month, Brown Bag Challenge, Opportunity and charity quilts, secret sister exchange, trunk shows, classes, and bus trips. For More information contact Cora at tbf carrollsweb.

    We have 25 members and they all reside in Greenwood County. We have programs given by our members and a project coordinator that does a challenge project, quick tips and other new ideas they have come upon.

    Capitol City Quilt Guild Activities

    Contact Ann Johnston at philjo kitusa. Twelve members meet at 7: Each month we enjoy show and tell and various programs by our members. Heartland Heartland Quilt Network is an organization of guilds and professionals from the heartland area who meet annually to network. Meetings are held each spring in Kansas City. For more information contact Nancy Wakefield at nancywake65 hotmail.

    Hesston Emma Creek Quilt Guild. We have about 80 members. Guests may attend two regular meetings before being required to join. We meet at 7 p. We feature a variety of programs each month. Wendy Nugent nugentfamily cox. We have a block of the month and a quilt show every years.

    Visitors are welcome to attend two meetings before joining the guild. For more information contact Sheila at sfernkopf yahoo. We have a monthy block drawing, classes, lectures and a quilt show every 2 years. We have 2 lunchens a year.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    We have a number of activities which vary each year, as well as the Challenge project and events and projects to benefit charity. Guest speakers and show n' share are favorite activities.

    Heart of Kansas Quilters. We have approximately 90 members. We meet monthly, the last Monday of the month, at 9: Smith Center in Hutchinson.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    Visitors are always welcome. We enjoy a variety of monthly programs, workshops and many other group activities including community service projects. For more information contact our president Janet Shinkle, jshinkle21 cox.

    We have about 60 members. New members and visitors are always welcome. We host programs and classes for members and the public. For more information please contact us at email sunflowerquiltguild. We do a block of the month and we have a quilt show in August during the Lane fair. WE also have a Tuesday day group that meets every Tuesday and they do a lot of hand quilting on their own projects Contact woman2need yahoo.

    Social time starts at 6: Lawrence Kawvalley quilters guild meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 9: We often see Amish men and boys plowing the fields with horse drawn tractors or Amish women working in the local markets wearing their white caps and blue dresses selling their handmade Amish quilts.

    While these are all important parts of Amish life, they are not the only things that make up the daily lives of the typical Amish community member.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    They are certainly not a community of all work and no play. The Amish believe in working hard and resting well, which might surprise some people who do not understand the Amish way of life.

    It is not all sewing Amish quilts until their fingers bleed or tilling the fields until the sun goes down. Just like any community, the Amish find time for fun and enjoy many of the same things that other people enjoy in modern communities. It is true that a typical Amish home does not have electricity, so there are no video games to play or televisions to watch, but the Amish have plenty of interesting activities that provide them the opportunity to relax, unwind, and have fun.

    One of the most popular activities in an Amish community is going to auction. The Amish are a very practical people, so the opportunity to buy things at a discounted rate or to sell unused items at an auction appeals to their sense of practicality. Whenever there is going to be a large auction in or around the community, most of the townspeople attend and oftentimes the schools are even let out early for the event.

    Amish men enjoy going to livestock auctions to keep up on the local area farm animal prices, as well as farming auctions where retiring farmers can sell their equipment or livestock.

    Amish women enjoy going to household auctions where they can sell many of their newly made Amish quilts or purchase new household goods, such as furniture, linens, or dishware.

    The auction is also a place where the Amish can meet up with friends or even mingle with their English acquaintances outside the Amish community. In the evenings after dinner has been served and all the chores have been completed, most Amish people take this quiet time to read a good book, catch up on the local Amish news by reading an Amish produced newsletter, or write handwritten letters to distant relatives or pen pals.

    Girls Quilts & Comforters Pottery Barn Kids

    The Amish really enjoy reading about things that appeal to them and spend a lot of their free time doing so. It may surprise you to know that there are many books published each year specifically written by Amish authors about the things that the Amish care about.

    There are Amish quilting books, Amish cooking books, Amish farming books, and even Amish romance novels. Most Amish communities produce their own newspapers or newsletters that are distributed within the community and others that are distributed nationwide to all of the Amish communities in the country.

    The Amish love knowing what farming technique a particular Amish community might be using or what new Amish quilting style some Amish quilting bees might be producing. There are even Amish newsletters made just for Amish teens that address the typical things that appeal to most teenagers, such as sports, gossip, and even dating. The Amish also enjoy corresponding with friends and relatives that they do not typically get to see on a regular basis through the writing of letters.