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    I feel like I'm sitting on sacred ground. Riley and Maya spend a great deal of time-- hours, and sometimes even days on end, sitting in the Bay Window discussing everything from school to friends to matters of the heart. Usually the two sit there alone with Maya almost invariably sitting to Riley's right, but there have been several occasions where the two summon others to either join them there, to listen to and resolve matters on a case-by-case basis, or to have them sit there on their own and work their issues out.

    There have also been occasions where Riley and Maya use the Bay Window to hold court, voicing their own opinions about things to others. Their closest friends, primarily Farkle and Lucas, occasionally join them by climbing through one of the windows, usually the one behind where Maya often sits; Riley's bedroom is on an upper level floor, and the unseen fire escape outside her window is how they are able to get in.

    Girl Meets World Girl Meets the Bay Window Review IGN

    All of Riley and Maya's friends and family likewise acknowledge the Bay Window as their special place, and often express surprise and sometimes excitement when they are selected by Riley to join her and Maya there. Of Terror 2 The history of the Bay Window itself, and the apartment as a whole, dates back to at least the s.

    In Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2Riley and Maya are visited by the "Ghost of the Bay Window" who lived and apparently died there; the Ghost had whispered to Riley the night before that she and Maya should dress as Roaring 20s-style "flappers" for Halloween. The Ghost mentions that the bedroom was once hers and that, like Riley and Maya, she also used the Bay Window to plan her own schemes and capers.

    The Ghost made a promise to herself that she would remain there until someone else came to appreciate how wonderful the place still is. When she becomes convinced that the Bay Window is in good care with its current occupants, the Ghost keeps her promise and finally departs for good to keep another ghost company.

    Girl Meets Girl () by Sabinchen is back

    During a flashback sequence in the season 2 episode Girl Meets the Bay Windowa five-year old Riley is sitting alone and singing to herself when Maya, enticed by Riley's singing, climbs through the window and sits next to her. She tells Riley that she ran away from home because her parents are constantly arguing.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    The two become fast friends and Riley nicknames Maya "Peaches". Riley then warns Maya that she is dangerous and will be nothing but trouble, but Maya quickly proves the opposite when Cory checks in with Riley on her baby monitor; Maya answers in Riley's voice. Trivia The very first scene in the first episode of the series unfolds in the Bay Window; Riley and Maya are discussing whether or not to walk by Riley's parents or sneak out the window to get to the subway to go to school.

    The entire class in the Bay Window Girl Meets Fish During the series run, the most number of people who sat in the Bay Window at one time is fifteen, including Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Auggie; In the Season 2 episode Girl Meets FishRiley reveals to her classmates that their fish Chelsea whom they all took turns taking care of is dead and that one of them killed her; Auggie decides to interrogate Farkle and Lucas separately to find out who did it, and then when Maya asks how many of the rest of them killed Chelsea they all raised their hands.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    Disgusted, Maya sends them away, and they leave by climbing through the windows. Design and motifs Throughout Riley and Maya's earlier grade school years, the Bay Window's design, along with the rest of Riley's bedroom, remains typical of a preteen girl.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    The room's walls are primarily purple, Riley's favorite color. The bay window's accent curtains are a warm peach color with white translucent pull-down blinds adorned with butterfly patterns.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    The seat cushions are mainly purple with multicolored flowers. Citing the day her father deserted her and Katy, Maya decided that change was not a good thing, but she is even more afraid that by changing the design they're saying goodbye to the Bay Window altogether; Riley is adamant, and begins the change by yanking down one of the accent curtains, much to Maya's consternation.

    In the process of the makeover, the girls even strip off the drywall flanking both sides of the bay window exposing the bare brick-and-mortar walls behind it.

    It aired on February 19, to 1. Contents [ show ] Overview Now that she's older, Riley decides to make some changes to the bay window, but Maya wants their special space and their lives to remain the same. Plot Sitting in the Bay WindowRiley asks Maya for a favor, which Maya agrees to even though she doesn't yet know what it is. When Riley reveals that she wants to give the Bay Window a makeover, Maya tells her no.

    Riley reasons that with things changing in their lives, the Bay Window needs to change with them, but Maya argues that some things, especially the Bay Window, mean too much to be allowed to change; she refers to the Bay Window as her "sanctuary from the storm" and refuses to give Riley permission to change it in any way, and then points out that Riley has always been afraid of change, citing her " pennies of uncertainty " philosophy, but Riley's outlook has changed.

    Now believing that things are changing whether they want them to or not, Riley is adamant about redoing the Bay Window. The boys join the girls Farkle joins the girls, and Maya notices how much he has changed since they first met.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    Maya then asks if Riley remembers their meeting, and Riley recalls in the first of several flashback scenes in this episode how Farkle saved her life twice while bobbing for apples at her Halloween party. Riley then repeats they're going to change the Bay Window, which Lucas overhears as he climbs through the window to join them. When Riley asks how changing the Bay Window affects him as he didn't grow up with them, Lucas replies that he understands how special the Bay Window is to them, which makes it special to him; He then admits that being friends with them has changed him in the best possible ways.

    While Maya is still against changing the Bay Window, Riley says that they need to focus more on who they're going to be. Maya firmly says that Riley is never touching the Bay Window, but Riley, to Maya's consternation, begins the makeover by yanking down one of the window's accent curtains.

    No one told Corpanga! Later, Cory and Topanga are shocked to see that the Bay Window and most of the rest of Riley's bedroom is stripped down; even most of the drywall flanking both sides of the Bay Window has been torn away exposing the original brick-and-mortar walls behind it.

    Girl Meets Bay Window Tumblr

    When Maya, still mortified over the makeover, explains what Riley had in mind, Cory and Topanga point out that people get comfortable with what's familiar, and they can't grow if they allow themselves to get too comfortable. Topanga then tells Riley that it's okay to make room for new memories, but she should keep her old memories somewhere safe, saying that Riley might decide she wants to visit them again later.

    During another flashback in which Cory is rushing out the door to take Topanga who at the time is pregnant with Auggie to the hospital, Young Maya sadly tells Young Riley that she and her mom don't know where her dad is. Back in the present, Maya cites the day her father deserted her and Katy as the day she decided that change wasn't such a good thing.