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  • Edit In the beginning of the series, Hannah is introduced as a very immature and narcissistic 24 year old. She loses support from her parents after seeming too immature and them not being able to always support her forever. She struggles to find a direction in life. She probably has the most character development out of all four girls as she does grow to become more responsible, especially after the birth of her child. Season One Edit Hannah is having dinner with her parent's in the Pilot and talking about her very short book of unpublished memoirs when she is informed that they are cutting her off since she has now been out of college for two years.

    She then get's fired from her internship when she asks her boss if she can start getting paid. She goes to see Adamand has sex with him at his apartment. They seem relatively unimpressed with her book, and they out-right refuse to give her any more money. When Hannah passes out, they let her stay in their room overnight.

    The next morning her parents have gone. She decides to get tested while Jessa has an abortion. Although Jessa doesn't show, Hannah receives the test.

    Meeting A New Girl Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

    Hannah finds out she does in fact have HPV in All Adventurous Women Dowhich she thinks she contracted from Adam, but he denies by claiming he was tested earlier. She visits Shoshanna at her apartment and finds out that Jessa also has HPV but claims "all adventurous women do. He also denies giving her HPV, which he cannot know for sure because men cannot receive a test for it. Back at her apartment, Hannah opens up her twitter account and types out several things before posting "all adventurous women do.

    Girl Quotes BrainyQuote

    Hannah starts a job at a law firm in Hannah's Diary. However, she becomes a victim of sexual harrassment from her boss, Rich. Her fellow employees reveal they too have been "touched" by Rich, but allow it because he gives them occasional gifts. She tries to reconcile with Adam, but demands a relationship.

    He doesn't agree, but the two have sex anyway. At Charlie and Ray's band performance, it is revealed that the two found Hannah's diary which contains passages about how much Marnie wants to break up with Charlie. They use her words as lyrics, and Marnie dumps her drink on Hannah. Hannah attempts to sleep with Rich in Hard Being Easy. When he rejects her, she threatens him, and then quits her job. She meets with Adam, believing the two agreed to form a relationship, though he denies this.

    Hannah returns home to her parents house in The Return. Over the course of the weekend, she has a small fling with an old schoolmate, and attends a benefit for a missing girl. Her parents are sympathetic towards her, but she denies needing money from them. At night, Adam calls her, and the two talk, with Adam sounding like he genuinely misses Hannah. The Crackcidentwhere they meet Shoshanna. Hannah, for the first time, runs into Adam outside of his apartment.

    They dance together, and leave to collect things from a trash heap for Adam's project.

    Girl Quotes BrainyQuote

    After the two fight, they begin formally dating. She delves deeper into his life, and watches him perform a play he wrote. Hannah attends a book party for her college nemesis in Leave Me Alone. She runs into an old professor, who encourages her to attend a reading. Hannah begins working for Ray at Grumpy's, and attends the reading where she reads a piece that isn't her best. That night, her and Marnie have a falling out. Marnie moves out of their shared apartment in She Didgiving Hannah a month to find a new roommate, to which Adam volunteers.

    After a brief talk, Elijah offers to move in with her, which she accepts. However, when she tells Adam, he is upset. The two fight, which results in Adam being hit by a car.

    Girl Quotes BrainyQuote

    Hannah takes a train home, but falls asleep and ends up walking to the beach. Once there, she sits in the sand and eats a piece of cake she was saving for Adam.

    Girl Quotes BrainyQuote

    She is also taking care of Adam, who suffered a broken leg after being hit by the car. Hannah ends her relationship with Sandy in I Get Ideas after they have a fight because he doesn't like an essay she wrote, but she spins the conversation around and makes it about his political beliefs.

    Hannah dancing in Bad Friend. In Bad FriendHannah lands a job at jazzhate. Hannah and Elijah do the cocaine, and have a night out on the town. At a club, Elijah admits to Hannah that he and Marnie had sex. She is upset by this, and confronts Marnie at Booth Jonathan's house. After scolding Marnie, Hannah kicks Elijah out of the apartment, and returns home with Laird, where the two have sex. But tells him it's to help with her article beforehand.

    At the party, tensions are very high, and everybody leaves upset. Though she does defend Marnie when Charlie blames her for his actions. In One Man's TrashHannah begins a small weekend fling with a doctor, Joshuaafter he comes into the coffee shop. She stays in his apartment over the weekend, and the two have sex and hang out. At the end of the weekend, Hannah has a realization that she isn't so different from anybody else. She acknowledges that she wants to be happy.

    In " Boys ", after writing an article about a night she spent partying and using cocaine, she is offered a contract with David Pressler-Going of Millstreet Press to write an e-book. She's initially exited, in spite of the one-month deadline, but she soon get stuck not knowing how to start. She attends Booth's party, but feels out of place among the guests. At the end of the night, her and Marnie talk on the phone and both pretend they're doing okay without the other.

    In Video GamesHannah accompanies Jessa home to see her father. While there, she sleeps with Jessa's step-brother, and refuses to eat the rabbit cooked for dinner. When she later tries to sympathize with Jessa following an argument with her father by trying to complain about he own parent's, Jessa points out that their family situations are completely different.

    Hannah later calls her mom and dad and attempts to thank them for always being there for her, but her parent's misinterpret it as her being in trouble again. At the end of the weekend, Hannah is shocked when she wakes and Jessa has disappeared. In It's BackHannah's writing progresses. However, she becomes increasingly stressed, triggering a relapse of her OCD when she stops taking her medication. Her parents visit her in New York, where they notice her symptoms.

    They force Hannah to see a therapist, which she denies she needs. David puts too much pressure on Hannah about the direction of her book in On All Foursand she has a mental breakdown. She starts sticking Q-tips into her ear, and put's one too far into her ear that she has to go to the hospital. After, She runs into Adam, and learns he has a new girlfriend, Natalia.

    Hannah during her mental breakdown. In the season finaleHannah sends David her finished first draft, which he rejects and tells her to rewrite by the next day.

    Girls Quotes ( quotes)

    If not, Hannah would have to pay back her book advance. Hannah starts to further lose her grip on her sanity by cutting her hair off and attempting to call the still absent Jessa. However, Jessa doesn't answer the phone. In the middle of the night, in a moment of complete despair, she calls Adam and asks him to come over.

    He runs alll the way from his apartment to hers, kicks down the door and they reconcile. Season Three Edit At the start of the third seasonHannah has recovered from her meltdown and is sharing an apartment with Adam, though she provides most of their income. She is still working hard on her book and has been giving an extension on her deadline. She hosts a dinner party, trying to ease Adam into her friendship group. To her surprise, he offers great relief to Marnie, who is dealing with a final break-up with Charlie.

    At the end of the night, Hannah and Adam have sex. Hannah then receives an unknown phone call, which turns out to be Jessa. Initially upset, Hannah agrees to pick her up from rehab. In the following episodeHannah, Shoshanna, and Adam journey to pick up Jessa from rehab. Despite being upset when she finds out Jessa could have been taken back to New York by the rehab center, they have a heart to heart, and Jessa promises to not run away again.

    Adam's sister Caroline surprises the two, and asks to stay with them after losing her job and ending her relationship.

    Girl Quotes BrainyQuote

    Hannah allows this, but Adam is hesitant. In Dead InsideHannah goes to meet with David about her book, but finds out that he had died the night before. However, Hannah is only worried about the future of her e-book, and Adam worries that she is emotionally detached. After hanging out with Adam's sister, and Laird, Hannah tells Adam a fabricated story to portray her sympathy.

    In Only ChildHannah attends David's funeral where she learns that all of David's projects have been cancelled, and her book deal is now dead. She finds another published who is enthusiastic about publishing her book as a real, printed piece, and not just an e-book. Unfortunately, she is informed by her father and cousin Rudy, a lawyer, that Millstreet will retain the rights to her book for three years, meaning it can't be published by anyone else before then.

    She also throws Caroline out of the apartment. Though she does well on her first day and only plans to work there temporarily, she is surprised to discover that her closest colleagues have also done writing for more artistic purposes, but haven't gotten any real work done in that area since they took jobs at GQ. Although Hannah is concerned that continuing working for the magazine will diminish her as a "real" writer, Hannah compromises and keeps the job.

    In Beach HouseHannah accompanies the girls on a getaway weekend, where Marnie plans for the girls to reconnect. However, they surprisingly run into Elijah and company, where the two reconcile and Hannah invites them to stay at the beach house as well. At the end of the weekend, tempers flare and the girls fight. In IncidentalsHannah interviews Patti Lupone, who warns her about Adam's coming attitude from getting a part on Broadway.

    Meet Quotes (74 quotes)

    She later get's to stay in a hotel for a work assignment, and invites several of her friends over to celebrate Adam's role. Hannah and Adam end the night in the hotel bathtub where Hannah tells Adam he's the only person she's ever loved, and ever wants to love. In FloHannah learns that her maternal grandmother, Flo, is having a serious bout of pneumonia and probably won't survive it. Throughout the weekend, Hannah watches as her mother argues with the family, and unsuccessfully tries to connect with her cousin Rebecca.

    When Adam comes after Hannah is in a minor car accident, her mother asks her to tell Flo that she and Adam are engaged so she can pass on with that in mind.

    Hannah does this, but it makes her question her true future with Adam, who is becoming more distant. When she wants to use a comic book as a learning tool, the principal is not pleased with her or Cory, who defends her creative ways of teaching. Plot Meet the new teacher At school, the kids sit and wait for their cantankerous teacher, Mr. To their delight, Cory comes to tell them that their grouchy teacher retired yesterday.

    The class is happy to be rid of him because he was always talking about the good old days, before the state of New York stopped teachers from physically punishing children. Cory introduces their new teacher, a leather-jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding young woman named Harper Lee Burgess. The kids are impressed by how different their new teacher is compared to what they are used to.

    Harper is teaching the kids about Frank Miller's comic book miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, set in a dystopian future in which Superman is on the side of an evil government so Batman fights against him. Harper breaks with tradition and asks for the kids to call her by her first name. As she teaches the class in her unorthodox way, Principal Yancy sees the kids reading comic books and comes to the classroom to demand they stop.

    Yancy tells Harper it's against school policy for kids to read comic books and call their teacher by their first name. Yancy asks Harper if she's familiar with To Kill A Mockingbird and tells her to teach that to the class instead. After the principal leaves, Harper is undettered and sets her kids the assignment to read The Dark Knight Returns.

    At home, Topanga is surprised that Riley and Maya are rushing through dinner so they can go do their homework. When Riley explains their assignment is to read a comic book, Topanga remembers that she and Cory had a teacher, Mr.

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    Turnerwho also taught them with comic books. As the kids tell Topanga more about their new teacher, Topanga realizes that Cory, who was on the committee that hired Harper, is clearly up to something. Cory tells Riley and Maya that Principal Yancy is like Superman, because he has a lot of power and isn't necessarily on the right side of the argument here, and they realize Harper is like Batman, since she has no power but is fighting the good fight. When Topanga says this is going to cause real trouble, Cory admits that he is hoping so.

    Yancy telling Cory that he is fired Back in the classroom, Harper asks the kids for their opinions on good and evil. Can either side change and does good always have to win in the end? As she talks to the kids, Principal Yancy returns and is angered that they're studying comic books against his wishes. When the principal sends the kids to studyhall, Riley and Maya rush to get Cory.

    When Cory arrives, he's surprised to hear Yancy is firing Harper. Cory stands up for Harper and her lesson plan, telling Yancy that just because she rides a motorcycle and teaches comic books it doesn't mean she can't be a great teacher. After Cory tells Yancy that if he wants to fire Harper he will have to fire him too, the principal tells Cory he's fired. At home, Topanga asks her family about their day. When Auggie recounts his day at school, Topanga has deja vu and realizes he's told her it all before.

    After Cory says nothing new happened today at all, Riley reveals that Cory was fired. As Topanga tells them that the principal can't fire teachers, he must take it to the superintendent, Topanga realizes why Cory isn't very worried about his job. Back at school, Principal Yancy talks to Harper and Cory alone in a classroom, telling them they're still fired even if it is harder to do than he expected.

    After Yancy tells Cory he has a great relationship with the superintendent, Mr. Turner walks into the class room. Cory tells his boss that he and Mr. Turner go back a bit, too. After Yancy explains how Harper taught comic books and rides a motorcycle, Mr. Turner recounts his first day teaching Cory where he taught X-Men. Turner says he used to ride a motorcycle until an accident wiped him and his bike out, but he says thing happen for a reason - he married his nurse. Recognizing something Yancy overlooked, Mr.

    Turner asks Harper which of her parents named her after Harper Lee, the author of that modern classic.