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  • She is a very talented now year-old girl, with an absolutely incredible voice. She did win many hearts though. Greer Grammer Interesting first name, Greer. Well, that runs in the family as her father is named Kelsey Grammer. Greer has decided to carry the family torch and become an actress, just like her father.

    Sarah Sutherland Like father, like daughter; Sara Sutherland has fallen in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, Donald SutherlandKiefer Sutherland, and pursued a career in acting.

    Her first role was on the hit show, Veep, were she became a regular. The talented, award-winning director, Steven Spielberg and ex-wife Kate Caphsaw have a daughter together who is all grown up. But shockingly enough, she did not go into acting like the rest of her family. Instead, she just signed her first modeling contract. Dustin married Lisa Hoffman and they had Alexandra, their youngest daughter. She briefly dated comedic actor Jonah Hill years ago.

    Alexandra is also an actress and was known for Moonlight Mile Moonlight Mile, a romantic film which also stars her father. Arnold fathered him during his affair with Mildred Baena, who was his housekeeper while he was married to Maria Shriver.

    It appears that Arnold has a good relationship with his son, as he regularly talks about him and posts pictures of the two of them together.

    She has already appeared in a number of small projects and is building her momentum in launching her acting career. Therefore, no one exactly keeled over in shock when Rafferty became his modeling career at the young age of Now in his 20s, Rafferty continues to walk the runway and appears to have a real interest in taking his modeling career to the next level as time goes by.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    Georgia May Jagger Georgia, like so many women, was fortunate that she took after her mother in the looks department. Her mom, Jerry Hall, was one of the most successful models of the entire s. Someone you may know of by the name of Mick Jagger.

    You can definitely see a lot of her father when you look at how Dominik appears today as an adult. Jack Scott Ramsay Jack seems to be a pretty happy young man, so we can probably assume that his father, celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, is not as tough at home as he is on his cooking show. There are plenty of similarities between Lily and the Underworld actress, and it seems that with each passing year, the resemblances only become more clear.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    Jason Simpson Jason Simpson is the son of O. Jason came from O. A recent book suggesting that Jason may have been the actual perpetrator of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, as well as the Netflix show The People v.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    Simpson, have dragged Jason back into the public eye. The year-old has been extremely active as an actress over the past few years after using her appearance in the short-lived reality show Mrs. Lucy likely grew up in a house with a lot of laughs as a result. She seems to have gotten to a promising start on both the small screen and the silver screen, with about a dozen acting credits to her name so far.

    Ireland Baldwin Alec Baldwin has been back in the public eye recently because of his dead-on impression of celeb turned politician Donald Trump, but he and daughter Ireland have not always had the best relationship. They seem to have patched things up, however, and Ireland has always had a good relationship with mother Kim Basinger, who is the person she likely owes much of her looks to.

    He seems to be a well-adjusted young man, despite the fame. Zelda Williams Zelda is the oldest of the two children that the late celeb Robin Williams had with his second wife, Marsha. Zelda actually got her name from the princess of the same name from the great Nintendo video game series The Legend of Zelda.

    She has shown quite a bit of versatility in her career so far, appearing on a number of television shows and also providing voice acting for cartoons and video games. Damian recently appeared on an episode of The Royals.

    Those are tough shoes to follow for any young lady, but Lorraine has already embarked on an acting career that includes credits in Soul Surfer and Anonymous. Nicholson is now 26 years old and attended prestigious Brown University. He has occasionally worn dresses but says he only does so to embrace his femininity, not to say anything about his gender. John Lowe John bears more than a passing resemblance to his dad, actor Rob Lowe.

    John and his famous dad enjoy doing all kinds of things together, including keeping fit. Violet Affleck Violet is the oldest daughter of Ben Affleck, who was most recently seen playing Batman on the big screen in Batman v.

    No Wonder Men are Only After Japanese Women! » Zooming Japan

    Violet was born of the lengthy union between Affleck and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. She is also a talented actress, having appeared in several television shows and even a starring role on the Broadway production of Chicago in Last year, she won season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. However, Susan was previously married to Franco Amurri, a director. From that marriage, she had Eva, who as you can see, has grown to be a lovely young lady.

    She has acted regularly throughout her life, even though she took time away in and to have a daughter and son with her husband, former soccer pro Kyle Martino.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    You definitely recognize her face, but do you know who her famous mother is? She has appeared in a number of movies, including Almost Famous, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Fortunately for Chance, this is the one that has worked out, as the two have been together for 20 years now.

    So far, Annie is off to a good start in her own acting career, even getting the chance to play a younger version of her mother in The Wife. Sophie Von Haselberg The resemblance is uncanny: Sophie is indeed the daughter of actress and singer Bette Midler.

    Sicherheit News

    In fact, Sophie is an only child, as Bette decided to have just one kid with husband Martin von Haselberg, who she married in He had a key role in the sixth season of Dexter and most recently has found success in the television series Fargo, which was well received by critics and viewers alike.

    Brielle Biermann Brielle is the adopted daughter of Kim Zolciak, who is well-known for her part in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and less known for her ill-advised attempt at a music career. Brielle has not indicated just yet what her plans for the future are, aside from a very large Instagram following and a relationship with Major League Baseball pitching prospect Michael Kopech.

    Maya Hawke Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman were certainly one of the more interesting couples in Hollywood during their time together. Before their divorce, they had two children, the oldest of which was Maya Ray. At 18 years old, Maya has shown more interest in her college career than acting, but she has already made her modeling debut. Maude is currently a student at Northwestern University.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    Richie and ex-wife Diane Alexander had Sofia together. Sofia made headlines last week for dating music superstar Justin Bieber and seems to have struck up a friendship with young model Bronte Blampied, another ex of the Biebs.

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    Corinne Bishop Jamie Foxx is an extremely talented comedian turned singer and actor, so there was no doubt that his daughter, Corinne, probably inherited some high quality genes. Corinne just recently turned 23 and has already managed to graduate from the University of Southern California. She has embarked upon a modeling career so far in her young life. Magic was completely supportive when E. Paulina Gretzky Paulina had some amazing genes as the daughter of the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, and Janet Jones, an ex-model and celeb.

    Paulina seemed to adjust well to living in the public eye during her childhood and is all grown up now, having married professional golfer Dustin Johnson and started a family of her own.

    You Will Be Shocked At How These Celeb Kids Look Today HyperActivz

    Lily was even seen in a number of those movies, although now she has moved on to other things, including performances in a recent cabaret show. Lily-Rose is the daughter of Depp and celeb Vanessa Paradis, a model and singer. Law and ex-wife Sadie Frost are very proud of Iris, who has already begun modeling under a contract with Chanel.

    25 February News Archive Daily Mail Online Daily Mail Online

    It will be interesting to see where the future takes this stunning young lady. Will and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have always been very supportive of their children and their need to express their creativity, which seems to have paid off with Jaden.

    John has said in recent years that he would be happy if Ella made a splash in show business the way that he was able to do. She recently ramped up her efforts, making her first acting appearance since she was a little girl in The Life and Death of John Gotti. Much of that has to do with her mom, actress Kate Winslet, and how she has gone out of her way to give her daughter a relatively normal upbringing. The former professional wrestler and current acting megastar welcomed his daughter into the world when he was still with Dany Garcia.

    Dwayne and Dany remain very close after their divorce, and Dany even manages his career, allowing Simone to have had a very stable life all the way into her teens. Ronan Farrow Ronan was born into what is basically Hollywood royalty as the son of famed director Woody Allen and celeb actress Mia Farrow.

    Although his dad is getting on in years, Ronan is only in his late twenties. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Ronan has bypassed modeling and acting and instead opted to be an activist, journalist, and even an adviser to the US government. Why would Al Pacino need an acting coach? Regardless, Julie has grown up to be a wonderful young lady who has shown an interest in not only writing, but also producing.

    Gia Mantegna Gia may not have reached the fame level of her father, actor Joe Mantegna of Criminal Minds, but she is arguably more talented. Gia is not only an actress, but also a trained gymnast, ballerina, singer, pianist and saxophone player. Coco Arquette Before David Arquette and Courtney Cox separated inthey were able to raise an adorable daughter, Coco Arquette, who is just 6 that time.

    InCoco takes her talent into performing just like her parents did. This young lady has changed a lot since then. Who would have thought that Delilah could make a way in the modeling industry, as she looks perfectly different when she was 10? The rock star leads singer, Steven Tyler just recently had a revamp on his own career having a good spot as a judge on American Idol.

    While on her own way, Live Tyler got her good start as a model, as her filming career took after so soon. Suri Cruise Suri Cruise had already possessed a passion in the fashion industry. From her younger days, she is already a fashion icon, which fueled rumors of multimillion-dollar wardrobe. Katie is always seen with Suri, but it is unknown how much time Suri spends with her dad, Tom.

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