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  • Before the Flood was the fourth episode of series 9 of Doctor Who. In a different view, when the Doctor initially arrived on The Drum, the Fisher King was already dead; thus all the events that occurred until the Ghosts were trapped were part of predestined set of events.

    Unique to this episode, as well as the BBC Wales Doctor Who series since it first aired inthe entire first scene of Before the Flood extensively broke the fourth wall by cutting over to the Doctor on board the TARDIS explaining the mechanics of a bootstrap paradox, a point integral to the story. This wouldn't be the last time the Doctor would break the Fourth Wall; in Heaven Senthe looks at the camera and says that "I'm nothing without an audience.

    Girl Meets World Watch Full Episodes and Clips

    It also featured the Doctor personally play the theme for Doctor Who for the first time on-screen, using an electric guitar which actor Peter Capaldi himself knew how to play and had personally selected from a guitar shop previously for a scene in The Magician's Apprentice.

    His musical pitches blended with that of the normal theme tune arrangement used in the title sequence. Despite the positive responses from fans, this version of the title sequence remained one-off. A notable aspect of the production was that part of the audio used to create the Fisher King's guttural roar and the voice of the Twelfth Doctor's hologram ghost were supplied by Corey Taylorthe lead singer of heavy metal band Slipknot.

    Contents [ show ] Synopsis A twisted and vile survival plan is pieced together by an alien warlord called the Fisher King. The universe will feel the consequence. Can these events be stopped? Can the Doctor ensure the future's coming and do the impossible? The Doctor addresses the audience directly, telling a story about a time traveller who has had many misadventures zipping around the history of the cosmos.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    At one point, he decided what was the point of time travel unless you get to meet your heroes. And so, the time traveller decides to meet his favourite musician, Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    However, once he arrives in 18th century Germany, there is no sign of the composer whatsoever; not even the Beethoven family has any idea who Ludwig is. Beethoven literally does not exist. The Doctor stops his story briefly, grabbing a bust of Beethoven and explains that this never really happened; he's met Beethoven, who was very intense and loved arm-wrestling.

    He even got tips on how to play piano from Beethoven. The Doctor says he's trying to explain the Bootstrap paradox with this hypothetical scenario, going to put the bust down; however, he turns around and tells the audience to " Google it" if they want specifics. Placing the bust near an amp and clockwork squirrel, the Doctor explains that the time traveller panicked at the idea of a world without Beethoven's music.

    That's when the traveller remembered he brought sheet music for Beethoven to autograph. Copying out the music, the time traveller gets it published, effectively becoming Ludwig van Beethoven himself.

    And history manages to continue on with barely a feather ruffled. However, one little thing about this whole situation is still confusing.

    The Doctor rocks out on his guitar Grabbing his electric guitar, the Doctor turns on the amp attached to it. Tuning his guitar, the Doctor poses the question about how the music of Beethoven first originated.

    Did the time traveller create it, or did it simply exist without creation? When the Doctor notes that it usually happens with first-timers to time travelO'Donnell points out it's unlikely that Rose, Amy or Martha ever did that on their first trips likely because they had stronger stomachs. He notes that she knows a lot about him; O'Donnell explains that she used to be in army intelligence until she hung a coworker out a window for angering her.

    Bennett joins them, thinking his lunch made him ill; he had shrimp. The Doctor explains that they've arrived at the same location, only before the flood, on the day that the spaceship landed.

    O'Donnell excuses herself to get a rock out of her boot, with the Doctor going ahead; once the Doctor is out of sight, O'Donnell giddily states the absurdity of the TARDIS interior to Bennett before regaining her composure. They quickly catch up to the Doctor, who has already found the spaceship; he explains that it's basically a hearse. A body-bag is inside, but the strange writing isn't present.

    They are surprised by a very much alive Albar Prentiswhose sense of smell identifies their species.

    The Doctor notes he meet a Tivolian beforeand is not a fan of the species.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    Prentis laughs, noting his species have a tendency to antagonise others. The Doctor meets another Tivolian They ask about the body in the ship, to which Prentis explains is the body of the Fisher King, who ruled Tivoli for a decade before the Arcateenians liberated them. However, the upset Tivolians ended up annoying them so much, that the benevolent species ended up enslaving them next.

    Bennett flatly states "My first proper alien, and he's an idiot"; he thinks Tivolians are morons for favouring enslavement. Sally's parents persuaded her to give up the baby for adoption as she was too young.

    Girl Meets World finale See the Boy Meets World reunion

    Later, when Vlad was twelve, the family were attacked by an angry peasant mob with flaming torches and pitchforks. He makes the immediate impression that he wants to be human saying "normal In the first series, Vlad meets a breatheror human, called Robin Branaghwho sneaks into his room, scaring both of them. Later, Vlad manipulates his father into sending him to school and starts working on his dream to lead a normal life. The most important thing Vlad learns is that he is the prophesised " Chosen One ", something that was revealed to him in the vampire dreamworld.

    The ghost of the Grand High Vampire tells him that: He and his father fled Stokely to escape Ingrid's reign of terror and bought a school Garside Grange Independent Day School to live in. As the future Grand High Vampire, his fellow undead expect him to step up and lead them toward a better future.

    Girl Meets World Episode Guide

    For the most part, Vlad accepts who he is as a vampire, and picks and chooses elements of his powers for their usefulness speed, hypnotism, lighting candles, etc. However, he continues on in the same frame of mind as the previous seasons of wanting simply to be "normal", and steadfastly remains blood free, instead opting for a soya substitute.

    Unfortunately for him, he is the "Chosen One" and he soon realises if he doesn't want his family and others to get hurt, he has to learn how to fulfill his duties. His personality is much the same as before, with notable changes that have come with age and his transformation. He has become more assertive and confident, and now has no problem standing up to his father, but he also has a shorter fuse. The season opens with slayers being in the persuit of Ingrid.

    After rescuing her, he first meets Erin Noble who had also lent a hand in the operation. Soon following, a long string of futile tutors are ordered by the Count to help him become a "proper vampire". Bertrand de Fortunesa arrives of his own coincidental accord with the Praedictum Impaver in search of the Chosen One, and after initial doubt, he is accepted as the One and starts going through his tutoring.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    Vlad starts feeling the pressure of who is is more heavily after Bertrand's tuition begins, and his way of escaping it all is through Erin, who he slowly begins to fall in love with after realising his attraction to her. He leaves after Erin helps him partially regain part of himself afraid of hurting his loved ones. One week later he returns, having accepted who he is now and claiming that he no longer wants peace, when in fact he does.

    On the same day he returns, Jonno and Mina Van Helsing arrive at the school posing as still being mindwiped. He learns that Erin is in actuality a slayer and exiles her, even though his feelings for her remain. Later, Erin warns Vlad of an impending slayer attack organised by the no longer "mind wiped" Van Helsings, and Vlad reluctantly goes with his father to see if there's any truth to her statement.

    When Vlad learns she was telling the truth he once again allows himself to get into a relationship with her, despite them being mortal enemies. At the end of the series Vlad, through manipulation and deceptiveness, manages to get everyone to work together against the vampire Sethiuswho was trapped in the Praedictum Impaver and released when Vlad tried to obtain its power thus taking one step closer to peace not only between vampires and breathers but within his own family as well.

    Jonno is on his side along with Erin and Bertrand. He, Erin, Jonno and Bertrand form SCRAP the School for Co-existence, Respect and Peace in an attempt to "revamp" Malik and his feral gang by turning them off of their violent ways and converting them to soya substitute blood and teaching them to maintain a peaceful relationship with slayers and breathers alike.

    Vlad remains with Erin despite this and is adamantly against the marriage. Ryan, Erin's brother, gets murdered and Vlad orders Bertrand to investigate. Vlad starts spiralling and is lost, and after a taste from Erin's bite does what he vowed to never do: After biting Erin, Vlad begins to slip towards his inner "evil" vampiric nature. He is rejected by his father for still refusing to drink blood despite his cravings. He slowly and surely loses touch with himself, the pressure of having no one to truly trust anymore and the duties he's taken on as the Chosen one, as well as the guilt and pain of losing Erin, started to build.

    He makes many grave mistakes, starting at mind wiping the slayers and ending with killing Bertrand.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    Later Vlad realises the error of his ways after seeing how out of control vampires are without the slayers. He reverses the mind wipe, but guilty feelings from murdering Bertrand still remain. Determined to get back at Malik, Vlad learns of Malik and Elizabeta's plot to kill the Dracula family, but ends up being disinherited by his father for reversing the mind wipe. Later, his father is poisoned and Vlad himself is almost killed by both Erin and Elizabeta.

    Vlad himself almost dies after sucking all the poison out of his father but manages to survive presumably by expelling the poison from his system. At the end of the series, he shows that he maintains his belief that breathers and vampires should live in peace, despite the unstable relationship between the slayers and the vampires. Series 5 Edit At the beginning of series 5, Vlad arrives back at Garside wearing loose fitting "hippy" clothing after his voyages around the world.

    Soon after his arrival Vlad becomes ill. The illness is believed by the Count to be an incurable vampire disease which he caught on his travels. The disease is actually a common cold, and Vlad confronts the Count about this.

    In " Who's the Daddy ", Vlad's cold seems completely unstoppable. The Count goes as far as threatening Renfield, who manages to come up with a cure that rebalances Vlad's human and vampire sides. Vlad, however learns of his ailment and becomes suspicious that his father has been hiding something.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    After ending up in the sunlight and miraculously surviving - likely due to his human side - he demands answers from his father. This, in turn, leads to him learning he half human and half vampire. At first, Vlad is deceived into thinking his mother Magda had an affair with a breather, thus bringing him into the world. After some thought Vlad realises that Magda would never do such a thing, and attacks his father in an attempt to get answers. Renfield informs Vlad that the Count is his biological father, and thus Vlad stops attacking his father.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    The Count then admits to having met his mother at a Goth festival in Whitby. Later he tells Vlad her name, Sally Gilesand that she was only eighteen when they met.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Online SideReel

    He also makes it clear that he loved her, and Magda had left by this point so he hadn't cheated on her. In " Flesh and Blood ", Vlad decides to take advantage of Ingrid's absence and bring his mother around. He uses telepathic abilities along with the photo of his mother the Count gave him to find out she was a sculptor. He then used Ingrid's new technology to track his mother down and invites her to Garside without telling her who he is.

    He then tells his father what he has done. The Count is furious at this because he does not want to see Sally get hurt. At this point, he informs Vlad that Sally and himself had only been together a weekend, he also seemed to still be attracted to Sally when she arrives.

    Vlad himself seems shocked when he meets his real mother, likely due in part to the fact he is not used to a loving mother. He then meets his younger half-sister Georgina or "George". Vlad immediately bonds with the two and spots he and George have matching moles. Later Vlad finds a sketch of a child, who George confirms is her older brother "Adam".

    Sally tells him how she got pregnant with Adam at a Goth weekend in Whitby, thus confirming her as his mother and that Vlad was in fact, Adam.

    Watch Girl Meets World Episodes Season 3 TV Guide

    His mother also told him how when he was eighteen she was going to track him down. Vlad seeming slightly worried as he did not want them to find out he was half vampire and decides they should leave in the morning.

    Ingrid then shows up having been mistreated by the Vampire High Council. Vlad, even more panicked, rushes to get his family out and does so in time. Unfortunately, Sally left her bag behind and Ingrid caught her.