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  • Apparently this is taken from vinyl disc of King Biscuit Flower Hour show. Date and venue is a guess. Solo with piano and vocals only. Taken off a radio broadcast onto reel to reel tape.

    The recording signal is not the brightest. Very rare songs sung in Italian. This is a reissue of a Epic release, Yardbirds Live. This release is also deleted. Removed by request of Jimmy Page.

    This late release is also limited. This is an unauthorized Mexican CD. It doesn't have the two soundcheck tracks, so it's likely not sourced from the Mooreland and thus not an essential release.

    Not to bash the uploaders work, but just a warning for those who expect to get the best possible quality.

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    Another fan tested one track and it appears this is MP3 sourced. The Yardbirds - Cumular Limit Sessions: The shows were taped by David Cole. The second night recording is obviously incomplete, but I find it interesting the amount of variation between the two nights.

    Tapes of both shows including duplicates also circulate. These were made into a CD on the Goldtone label with inferior sound quality. This material has been seeded previously at Dime from tape source but I like the sound of the vinyl bootleg 3 record set better.

    Since it is incomplete, I have filled in the missing portions from the previous torrent. All tracks have been carefully remastered and edited for the best possible sound, but it's still fairly bad.

    Yoakam was promoting his new album Second Hand Heart. There's a cut out during the interview for a few seconds, it was broadcast that way. Promo for the album Break Up.

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    Broadcast on Triple J. It was broadcast on KOL-FM and this tape is a reel-to-reel copy of the transmission taken off the air.

    Whiskyfun July 1

    He plays 8 of the 9 songs on the album, plus some classic Youngblood songs. Yuna is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia. Malaysian singer-songwriter currently signed to Verve. Irritating audience chatter around taper. CD1 Tk early band The Syn singles. Tks UK radio show. Tk live in Gothenberg Jan 24, CD2 Tk 1 live in Sweden Jan 25, Tk Beat Club, Bremen Jan 28, Tks Sportspalast, Berlin, June 5, Tk live in UK Tk 5 Bob Harris show, Nov 1, Tk promo versions of three tracks from Tormato.

    Master Reel [no label 1CD Torrent: Said to be taken from the soundboard master reel. Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White. Yes - Live In L. Final show with all tracks from Topographic album. Great remaster by TooleMan.

    This is a remaster of a remaster by TooleMan done in Nov Some tracks are unfortunately incomplete. Not among his best. Yes - The Majesty Of Music: Shared in July There is a very small cut at the tail-end of The Ancient, and some minor tape damage during Ritual and Roundabout, but that's it.

    One was used to press a vinyl bootleg of part of the concert and the other is this nearly complete excellent source tape. While both have circulated among yes collectors since the s, this particular generation was an upgrade that circulated mainly among DAT collectors and traders.

    Atlantis [no label 2CD Torrent: I did the last remaster for the 30th anniversary of this concert, which was last year. This is the best version. This version is the incomplete concert. Yes - Tooleman Presents: Yes - King Biscuit Boston Tooleman has mixed a Dolby digital 5. Can be played on a standard DVD player.

    The playing order has been corrected. The source is the KBFH pre-broadcast tape. Ex- SBD surround and stereo. Yes - Boston This is the audience tape recorded by Dan Lampinski.

    Yes - Soon The Light: A Mike Millard Recording.

    Stranglers Live Performances

    Yes - Long Beach This is set three of the 10CD Tarantura box set called Yes: The Word Is Love. This is taken from "Mike Millard audience masters". Yes - Providence Extremely rare, this show has never circulated before.

    This remaster was done after the TooleMan's.

    Hawaii FiveO () Season 10 Episode Reviews

    Yes - Los Angeles Forum: Recorded by Mike Millard. Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, and White. This is Mike's mint, raw master. Very loose sessions, plenty of jamming.

    A nice discovery of Barry Rogoff's tape. The bonus tracks are taken from an Ex AUD recording. A Mike Millard recording? Yes - TheTooleMan Presents: I believe this is the first recording of this date to surface. Excellent stereo audience recording. Echo and boomy sound. The evening performance has been widely circulated from the BBC broadcasts, both pre- and post-FM versions. There have also been one or two recordings of the evening show which were labeled as the afternoon show.

    This is the real thing - possibly the only tape of the matinee in existence!

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    Original audience tape by Steve Darton was provided by Mick Dillingham. The recording sounds great and is complete except for the last minute of the big medley, which was lost when side one of the tape ran out. I gave it a nice quick fade to make it less shocking.

    The audience is not very talkative between songs and is attentive during them, except for some rube yelling at Rick Wakeman during Awaken. Still not too distracting. Yes - Wembley Arena The FM version is longer and 2CDs.

    Tk 10 has some diginoise problems. There's a constant background ticking. It starts at 0: It is on the CD-R that was copied from the reel to reel master. An excellent soundbord remastered by "thir13en" from original bootleg. This is reputed to be recorded by Yes for official live album but unreleased.

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    Recorded by Barry Glassberg using Nakamichi recorder. Incomplete concert missing The Clap. This was the Tour. Info from Forgotten Yesterdays. Rumor has it that these are the Trevor Horn produced songs. He left the project before it was completed. Research suggests that they were recorded somewhere between the "Private Collection" album and "Page Of Live" Inthis song was recorded and included on the release, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. November 30, on Big Generator tour.

    Resurrecting Dragons is still the better of the two shows from Includes some ABWH demos. This is taken from the bootleg Live In Montreal on the Flashback label which wrongly states the show was in Montreal. Live on Talk Tour. Talk Tour [no label 3CD Torrent: Broadcast date January The announcer transitions have been left in the audience mix at the end of the tracks.

    May be the TV broadcast as the sound is excellent. Yes - Chile 98 [no label 2CD Torrent: Yes - Symphonic Live The raw recording favors the orchestra, and the guitar and keyboard parts are hard to hear. However, Burroughs had a great deal of difficulty finding a book publisher for the story and it was only in that A. The Gods of Mars, magazine, ; book, 3. The Warlord of Mars, magazine, ; book, 4.

    Thuvia, Maid of Mars, magazine, ; book, 5. The Chessmen of Mars, magazine, ; book, 6. The Master Mind of Mars, magazine, ; book, 7. A Fighting Man of Mars, magazine, ; book, 8. Swords of Mars, magazine, ; book, 9. Synthetic Men of Mars, magazine, ; book, Yellow Men of Mars, magazine, ; book, Llana of Gathol, He falls into a trance while staring at the planet Mars and is magically transported there.

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    Captured by green men, he quickly becomes their leader and saves the beautiful human girl, Dejah Thoris, princess of Mars.

    There are numerous other swashbuckling adventures with a great diversity of reptilian and saurian creatures. As the atmosphere generating system of the planet breaks down, Carter rushes to save Mars but is suddenly pulled back to Earth, only to return in the subsequent books.

    When it comes to what works influenced Burroughs in the writing of A Princess of Marshe himself said that, except in childhood, he had read very little fiction. Certainly there are a number of older works that place dinosaurs and other strange beasts on other planets. Wells, Castle Books, has saurian creatures attacking the spaceship Astronef during its stay on Saturn.

    No Jules Verne-like scientific explanation is given, and no H. Wells-like philosophical ideology is developed. It is adventure in pure form. There he finds vampire creatures trying to take over Mars from the humans.

    The novel includes a mysterious giant brain, master of Mars, an entire civilization of sleepers in caves under the surface of the planet, and the inhabitants of an underwater city who remain completely indifferent to the action on the planet surface.

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    Journey to Mars, by Gustavus W. Dillingham,Hyperion Press, and Lieut. Both heroes are officers, John Carter, a captain in the U. Army, and Lieutenant Frederick Hamilton of the U. Both heroes have greater strength than the native Martians, given the lower gravitation Burroughs or the higher oxygen content of the air Pope. Both young women are courageous and come from a race of people who live for an indefinite time. Tennyson Neely,but this has never been reprinted and is not a sequel to A Journey to Mars.

    Very little is known of Pope except that he was a medical doctor practicing in Washington, D. Arnold was born in Swanscombe, Kent, England, spent his childhood in India, and returned to England to study agriculture and ornithology.

    After much world travelling with his father he settled down to a job as a journalist in In his first novel, Phra the Phoenician, appeared in the prestigious Illustrated London News, in 26 parts each with a full-page illustration it pays to have a daddy in high places. The first edition Harper's had no illustrations since it was likely a pirated edition, but the first British edition Chatto and Windus, did include about half the illustrations.

    Phra is a novel of reincarnation in which the title character, a Phoenician merchant, sails to Britain. There he meets a beautiful barbarian druid princess, Blodwen.

    Triumph Spitfire And GT6 Magazine Contents (Story) Listing

    When Julius Caesar invades Britain, he dies after having been betrayed by a jealous druid. He wakes up years later, not having aged, and, courtesy of Blodwen, with his entire past history tattooed on his body. After more swashbuckling adventures, he dies again to reawake another years later, and so on. Finally, in Elizabethan times, hoping he will truly die and rejoin Blodwen in Eternity, he writes his memoirs.

    The story was very popular and even reprinted by popular demand as late as Famous Fantastic Mysteries, September Another excellent variation on the theme is Arthur D.