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His fights are brutal. So to give Dzinziruk a comeback fight was bad business. Peter Los angeles Hey dan, is floyd just going to take easy fights to end his career? Who would be favored in a Canelo Trout Match up by the bookies? I totally disagree with him. Roberto Sylmar Any word on Chavez Jr.

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    images chat de el cheapo

    I bought this wreckage of a zxr a couple of weeks ago,and to behonest,couldnt ride the thing due to having a bad back! It left me very.
    Hey Dan, the new hbo intro is horrible, as soon as I saw the truck I thought to myself what's this? Agreed, Vazquez does not fight in the best style. Good to see him work his way back up to the top of the ladder Seemingly nothing to prove, and the weight class isn't particularly great.

    It's hard to knock a guy out when he's running away.

    images chat de el cheapo
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    People complain top fighters don't fight enough.

    images chat de el cheapo

    Skip suggested that all Floyd fans read your article about Guerrero and how ready he is. Did you go to the Roy fight there? I think if Floyd beats Guerrero you can bank on one of those names being his next opponent.

    To fight in the US, he probably needs a good American opponent. Who on this list do you think Vlad would beat? Do your homework, man.


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    I agree with you.

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    Obviously, Canelo, but Golden Boy is extremely deep atand It's a fair question. I see Orlando Cruz is the highest ranked contender for Mikey Garcia's belt.

    So which happens first, him having yet another child or him moving up to ? Guerrero said when he saw that tweet he was worried he was going to lose out on the fight. It's hard to knock a guy out when he's running away.

    images chat de el cheapo
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    Golovkin should be ripped for fighting Ishida - I can think of at least 10 other fighters more deserving of a title shot.

    How many more fights do you see Broner taking at before moving to the talent rich lb division? You are the worst - you make me sick to my stomach and you give boxing a bad name!!! As much as many people hate the fight and as much as HBO is spending on it, it likely will do a very good rating.

    That is a very interesting matchup. It is an entirely different JMM than the one he fought. Cody Minneapolis My main problem i see for Showtime in the long term is that they have never developed a mega star, I tend to think they aren't capable of doing so because HBO is the Kleenex of boxing in the US.

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    images chat de el cheapo

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    The old intro a few years back was perfectthey really ruined it. Nobody is that stupid. Mike San Diego Mikey you are a moron and need a smack on the head. They were not informed that Pacquiao was going south until it was too late to save the day and keep him at HBO.

    Did you go to the Roy fight there? I was able to get some non boxing friends to watch and they loved it.

    images chat de el cheapo
    Still, losing the No.

    HBO often takes the point of view that if it helps close a deal for a fight they really want they will eat a comeback fight on the back end. And I also think some guy named Mayweather made some news this week. Max Spokane Please make Wlad fight a real opponent. What's your pick for the wekend fights? Its 1 thing if they had lost Floyd as he was entering his prime, but in my view, SHO just signed a 36 yr old fighter whos on the decline to a huge deal, and if he loses once, his value takes a huge hit, while HBO can focus on buildling up younger, exciting fighters into household names for cheaper.

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      Did you go to the Roy fight there?