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What makes a good developer? I have been involved with Fedora Community Operations Team from its conception one year ago. Simple Machine Learning technique based on document-term matrix can work pretty well even for photos when you have at least some content. Reads code often and tries to remember that while writing it. He contributes to the tech community, influences its direction, and engages talented people. Useful links Airline codes. Sky Lease Cargo GG.

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  • Pro ana Cz/Sk Chat - free chat without registration. Pro-Ana CZ-SK chat room [private] created by Anamorte Pro holky Pro Ana, pouze Česká Republika a Slovensko If this chat room is illegal, click here. - Portál Chat Diskuze Seznámení.

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    V případě problémů s přihlášením, kontaktujte nás na [email protected], děkujeme.
    This joy can only be surpassed by creating a perfect puzzle for others to solve. Almost a year ago, I became the upstream maintainer of flexmock, a mocking library for Python that makes creating mocks, stubs and fakes super-easy and super-readable.

    This misinformation may, in some cases, drive them away from CPython where it's not really the worst choice. I will talk about how we knew how to avoid all the stupid issues, but why were we not able to do it at the same time. We are in charge of running the CI and build operations and most of related infrastructure for the projects.

    images ana chat cz
    Just a few clicks to take advantage of all our great offers!

    I also started the effort of moving Fedora to Python 3 as default, which is now taking off very nicely. Benny Daon has been coding for 33 years now, starting at his Bar-Mitzvah with an 8-bit Atari.

    JA93NH AgustaWestland AW Tokyo Heliport (RJTI)

    In this presentation I'll show you how Python can help you with porting projects. Even fewer girls were interested in Python. What should I do when I'm working a project and can't start from the scratch?

    Zuzana Nejedla.

    coordinator CZ, FR.

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    Marcela Vesela. coordinator CZ, SK, EN . CZ: + Prague Clinic Brno Clinic.

    images ana chat cz

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    Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Software developer, working at Potato, Ana spends most of her days writing Django . It is quick and fun to build new chat commands and even a person who.
    In this talk, Jackie will illustrate some user-centered techniques that have been used on her own project - Mesa https: Aspires to be the Programmer.

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    Python backend developer at Growbots. What happened in the last ten years? Network Emulation netem module of Linux Traffic Control tc can even help with poor network simulation.

    I like good food, sometimes with good beer or wine.

    images ana chat cz
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    Certainly technical expertise, insightfulness, creativity, thoughtfulness.

    images ana chat cz

    I'll explain what load testing is in theory and how to do it in practise. I will present integration testing of Cleerio web mapping application originally written in JavaScript and PHP using Python together with Selenium project.

    It amazed me how elegant and easy-to-read the code was.

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      From 0 to members in 1 year, with over 30 meetups in 7 cities. Simple Machine Learning technique based on document-term matrix can work pretty well even for photos when you have at least some content.